Being an exchange student opens your eyes to a whole new world. The excitement of being accepted into an exchange program cannot be underestimated, and it is the beginning of a new adventure for you. However, some challenges await. You have to prepare as you set out on your new exciting journey. In this article, you will find an outline of some of the things you can keep in mind as you go to study in a foreign country. Read on below for more.

1. Consider Whether You Will Be Using a Bank Card

It may be easy to take money from your bank account in your country or use a card to pay for goods and services. However, this is not always the case everywhere. Some states, including Japan and Germany, are mostly cash-dependent, and it would eat into your cash reservoir if you have to pay fees every time to withdraw cash from your card. If a country is cash-dependent, then they will not let you use a card. Also, if you can use a card, you will incur hefty fees for using a foreign bank.

It pays to talk to your bank and establish if there are any partnerships with the financial institutions of the country you will be visiting. This strategy helps cushion you from paying hefty fees and feeling the inconvenience of having to withdraw cash and pay substantial fees in a foreign country.

2. Invest in Health Insurance

Not many platforms tell you what you can expect to happen to you when you are in a foreign country. That is why it pays to be prepared. The worst-case scenario could happen if you get sick in a foreign country with no proper health insurance.

In Australia, several companies provide you with health insurance that will have you covered in case your health begins to deteriorate. According to the insurance experts at, healthcare in Australia is accessible to all, however, it doesn’t cover treatment costs in full. That is why having a private health insurance cover is encouraged. With the international health insurance coverage, you live your life without the fear of being disrupted from your daily learning.

3. Learn the Basics of the Language You Will Be Using

There is a high probability that the host country will be using a different language. If this is the case, learning basic phrases ahead of your journey can be beneficial. Knowledge of greetings and essential expressions in a foreign language could be a life-saver for you.

Additionally, you can download translation applications onto your phone and learn whatever you may find necessary ahead of your trip. It is more comfortable and satisfying when you can communicate with those around you.

4. The Reality of Culture Shock

Many people do not anticipate the shock that comes with being in a new country with a foreign culture. Realize that it will take you time to adjust to the new environment. You must carry out your due diligence as much as possible about the country that you will be visiting as it will give you an idea of what to expect.

It is also beneficial to check what the cultural norms in the host country are because nations differ when it comes to behavior that revolves around issues such as greetings. What may be acceptable in your country may not be acceptable in the next. Preparing for the culture shock is no assurance that everything will go as planned, but it is the first step towards being able to create amazing memories.

5. Find Out About International Rates

As a student, you will need an international data plan because the lack of it can lead to a ridiculously high phone bill. Worst of all, you may be doing something as simple as using Google maps. Avoid this inconvenience by talking to your current phone provider and understanding international rates. There are chances that the company could furnish you with a plan that will enable you to pay less even when you are away.

Do not forget to take advantage of chat apps and free calls on Skype and Facetime!

As you set out on your journey, be ready to learn new things, make friends, make mistakes, and enjoy the entire experience. With adequate preparation, you will find yourself enjoying the journey, and you will reduce the stress associated with traveling to a new country significantly. With the tips we have given above, you can be sure that you will be able to focus on learning the country, its people and its culture instead of focusing on trivial things that should not be a problem.

By Eddy

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