Do you have a policy with HDFC Life? Do you need help with servicing your policy or have a query related to your policy and don’t know where to go?

If yes, do not worry.  

With a head-start in technology capabilities, HDFC Life is ensuring every customer is serviced amidst the 21 day lockdown. Its digital platforms are designed to address all your life insurance needs from the comfort of your home. You can visit if you want to purchase a policy. And if you are an existing customer, you can service your policy, ask queries and even carry out transactions via this digital platform. You can actually manage your policy without having to visit a branch.

The Company has done the following arrangements to meet customer requirements:

Premium payment

IRDAI has advised insurers to extend the grace period for premium payments. In view of the same, HDFC Life has facilitated a 30 day extension to the grace period for renewal premiums due in March 2020. Customers may also choose to pay the premium before expiry of the extended grace period. But take my advice; never delay your insurance premiums, unless you have to.

You can pay your premiums online at

Policy servicing (other than claim processing):

You can reach out to HDFC Life via multiple touch points. The Company has virtual touch points such as WhatsApp, Mobile App, Face Book Messenger, Website, etc such as:

    • Whatsapp Bot Etty : Send a ‘Hi’ on +91 8291890569
    • My Account Customer Portal: for all policy service queries
    • HDFC Life Mobile App: Available on Google Play Store and  iOS Apple Store
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Elle Virtual assistant: Chat with Elle on
    • Missed Call Services: Select services like fund value, premium amount and premium due date can be availed by giving a missed call at +91 800 000 6609
    • HDFC Life Website: You can visit
    • Email Desk: Write to [email protected] and for NRI customers [email protected]

Claims Settlement

HDFC Life has one of the highest claim settlement ratios in the industry of 99.03%*. During the lockdown, the company is constantly working to keep the back end processes running to ensure all genuine claims are processed in a simple and hassle free manner.

*Individual death claim settlement ratio by number of policies as per audited annual statistics for FY 2018-19.

Claimants can write to [email protected]

    • HDFC Life’s email bot Spok identifies interactions which are likely to be claims related and routes them on priority to the respective team
    • The Company has enabled a simple ‘3 Click Claim’ process for some policies available at
    • For health assure plan, policyholders can contact the (TPA) Paramount Health Services via email [email protected]

Maturity payouts

    • The company has committed that all maturity payouts will be paid on time. Processing teams have been enabled to work from home.
    • Customers can send their documents via email, WhatsApp and customer portal ‘My Account’

The mobile app InstaServ that helps service teams to process customer requests from anywhere.

It is heartening to see that life insurers are making such efforts to service their customers while ensuring the safety of their employees.

By Eddy

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