Today’s successful customer service call centers are more important than ever to business success. Whether your call center is focused on customer service or handles sales calls, staying updated on how your teams are doing is an integral part of successfully managing your sales force and your customers. One of the most effective ways to manage all the information and use it appropriately is to upgrade to a hosted call center solution that makes your job easier and improves your effectiveness as a leader.

Take Advantage of Activity Tracking

Stop chasing down your employees to find out what’s going on and quickly check in with them with a VoIP-hosted call center that offers simple tools for tracking employee and call center activities. You’ll be able to track everything from call volume to average wait and response times based on various criteria. This can help you make quick management decisions to ensure everyone is doing their best, minimize downtime, and avoid neglecting customers. 

You can also monitor call length and frequency or listen in on calls to discover where improvements are needed. It’s a valuable training tool and a way to eliminate unproductive strategies, fine-tuning those that work.

Adaptability is Key

Using an integrated, hosted call center solution makes it easier to change how your sales and customer service reps respond to changes in the economy, workflow, and seasonal demands. A hosted call center can help you make sound decisions based on various criteria without having to overhaul your entire system or retrain your staff. This increased adaptability means you’ll take fewer financial hits when the market changes, and you’ll waste less time and money trying to adjust after the fact.

Freeing Your Team from Their Desks

Remote work and mobile work are two huge innovations in call center and sales force management. Freeing your staff from their desks and allowing them to work remotely, whether full-time or occasionally, makes for happier employees, leading to greater productivity. One way to do this is to have a hosted call center based in the cloud. This way, employees can access data and contact customers, management, and co-workers seamlessly. You’ll be able to manage your team wherever you go. You can use phones, tablets, and laptops to log into your data from anywhere in the world.

With the right hosted call center solution, managers can take their business from good to better and from better to great.

By Eddy

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