Social networking is the mantra of the day. People and organizations are increasingly getting dependent on social networks in the course of everyday life and business. It is revolutionizing the way B2C marketing is getting shaped on the web.

So a daunting question still remains, how can one build such networks which would be sustainable in the long run? Do the concepts of relationship marketing still hold in this new influx of social networking platforms?

Here are some tips which may help you to create a lasting bond and a successful social network.

  1. Create friends and not links. Links are transactional and hence not sustainable. Friends however are.
  2. Selectively choose where you need to network. Social networks opens up the windows to too many networks which may not be useful for your need.
  3. Creating relationships with lesser number of friends will do a lot more wonders than building a mammoth network. Your friends will be your value creator.
  4. Know how to connect with your friend besides the work-relationship. Maybe he is an aquarist, or into video games. Discussion over similar interests can fire up an exciting relationship.
  5. Try to hone in to the need of your network and understand the gap in knowledge. You may find that there is an exciting opportunity to zero in amongst your network only. Since it comprises of your friends, the venture will also be successful.
  6. If possible, try to venture out of the cyber world. Phone calls or a meet with your e-buddies can do wonders for your relationship.
  7. Never ever try to get transactional benefits from your friends. They can see through it, and your investments on creating the relationship is instantly loss on the very first exposure. Trust takes a long time to be established, but only an instant to break.

These are simple yet highly effective tips to take that transactional relationship with members of your network to the next level. Try them and create the next success story.

Remember: Transactions are a one time business, but relationships pay divident for the entire lifetime.

By Kar

Dr. Kar works in the interface of digital transformation and data science. Professionally a professor in one of the top B-Schools of Asia and an alumni of XLRI, he has extensive experience in teaching, training, consultancy and research in reputed institutes. He is a regular contributor of Business Fundas and a frequent author in research platforms. He is widely cited as a researcher. Note: The articles authored in this blog are his personal views and does not reflect that of his affiliations.