Remember E-cards? I used to love sending E-cards to my friends and family members during the holidays and for special occasions. It was a fast, free and efficient way to get in touch with them and share my love without having to worry about postage and writing dozens of individual letters.

Facebook gifts should be used for the same purposes as E-cards. They are to remind your friends that you are thinking of them and wish them well on specific occasions. Unfortunately, several Facebook users are abusing this feature and destroying the value and the sentiment of gifts.

If you send Facebook gifts dozens of times per week and leave the generic “I got it just for you” message, you diminish the sentiment of gift giving. Essentially, you are just spamming the walls of your Facebook friends.

I understand that as online marketers it’s hard to keep in close contact with the hundreds and thousands of connections we’ve made via social media outlets. Facebook gifts are actually a great way to drop your friends a message and let them all know you are still around and keep them thinking of you. However, if you abuse this feature, you’re friends will think of you in a negative way.

Here are a few things to consider when sending Facebook messages:

1. Facebook gifts are good in moderation

Sending too many will only aggravate and annoy your friends. What’s too many? Honestly, I think that anything more than once a week should be considered excessive. I know I don’t have an anniversary, birthday, holiday or special event every week. Sending blessings and prayers are thoughtful, but how thoughtful are they without a personal message?

2. Personalization = Value

Personalize the message in the Facebook gifts. Don’t just say “I hope you like it”. Make your messages genuine and your friends will appreciate the fact that you aren’t sending generic messages.

3. Send relevant gifts

Don’t send a Christmas gift in July. I’ve seen this happen and again, it diminishes the value.

What’s your opinion on Facebook gifts? Leave some feedback below and let me know what you think….


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