Have you ever heard the saying: “A bad salesman couldn’t sell water in the desert”?

Honestly, there is a lot of truth behind that statement. Personality plays a huge role in your effectiveness as a marketer. If others perceive you to be untrustworthy, incompetent or lacking confidence, they won’t want anything you have.

Marketing is all about connecting with your target audience.

It has very little to do with the product. There is always going to be a fan base for what you are selling. It’s just a matter of making a good enough impression on your prospects.

You may have what they want, but if they don’t feel comfortable purchasing from you as a result of your personality, they WILL seek out your competition. Don’t let this happen. Ensure your future in the world of marketing by developing your people skills and understanding how your prospects want to be treated.

So do you think a great salesman could sell sand in the desert?


A great marketer has great sales/conversion rates because they have both charm and knowledge when it comes to making connections and forming relationships with people.

Marketer or not, you know how you would want to be treated by a salesman. If you don’t like being called various times a day with offers and business opportunities, don’t do it to your potential clients. Before you contact your prospects, take a moment to think about your approach. Questions whether or not you want you would appreciate this same contact from a sales representative.

Self branding and attraction marketing are what separate the Top Earners from everyone else. You know who they are, you see their face and you’ve heard their story. Their personality and marketing experience has allowed them to form strong, personal relationships with people they’ve never met. Their prospects appreciate their character and guidance and trust their recommendations.

Take the first steps towards ensuring your future in the world of marketing by doing the following:

1. Re-evaluate Your Marketing Techniques

Examine how you’ve been marketing lately. What’s been the most effective strategy for you? Why do you think that is? Double check to see if you are doing anything you wouldn’t appreciate having done to you.

2. Find A Mentor

Find someone in the industry who’s achieved the level of success you’re striving for and listen to their trainings and advice. Find out what they did when they were first starting out in the business. This will also introduce you to new marketing techniques to implement.

3. Choose 1-3 Strategies to Master

Depending on your time freedom, elect 1-3 marketing strategies and learn all you can about them. Once you master a technique and all of your systems are in place, learn something new. There is always going to be something new to learn in the world of marketing, but there are the basics.

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