Google conducted the press conference for presenting the launch of Gmail Buzz in Mountain View, California headquarters Tuesday morning. Google is more focused than ever to make Gmail even more sociable by adding Twitter and Facebook updates, besides the latest Google Buzz. Because of the increasing popularity of  Twitter and Facebook as a medium for communication, if Gmail incorporates this features, it is expected to increase the market-share of Gmail even more.

Bradley, the Vice president of product management for Google created a wave of delight when he said “Today we’re going to launch something called Google Buzz”.  That’s the news all Google fans were dying to hear. Gmail Product Manager Todd Jackson wore a t-shirt with the Google Buzz logo as he went on to express the new way to share information using Gmail.

The 5 features which is expected to be a major hit among Google fans are as follows:

  1. Auto-following: First time you use the product you automatically follow the people you e-mail or chat with
  2. Rich, fast sharing experience: Includes media, keyboard shortcuts and Twitter updates
  3. Public and private sharing: Public entries indexed into Google’s search
  4. Inbox integration with Gmail
  5. Just the good stuff: A relevancy filter to highlight only top items based on user preferences

Social services on the Internet have undergone a number of improvements, most notably in Orkut, which has had far more adoption in competitors’ geographies in recent times. This is another very compelling evolution where you have a meeting of social communication and productivity. Other services have focused on facilitating friendship & entertainment, whereas Buzz has targets to provide more productivity internally.

We, the Google fans, earnestly hope that adding status updates into Gmail isn’t the only new thing on offer. That hardly seems worthy of a press conference from Google even if they’re adding other social features, like what Yahoo has done. Maybe it’s all an attempt to take traffic away from the market leader, Facebook; and some of it to Google’s portal.

What do you think?

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