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This is my first blog on Business Fundas so let me introduce myself!
My name is Emma Carter and I am currently a student at university studying Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations in England. My strong passion for marketing means that I live and breathe creative ideas and design… so I plan to post regular updates about the marketing world, in a fresh and interesting way. In June I will be starting my nerw job at Unilever as Marketing Assistant for the wonderful Radox brand… so you will get fresh updates on Radox very soon!!

Now that’s enough about me… it’s time to discuss some of the latest ads that have really inspired me. The new Adidas Originals TV campaign has really awoken my senses. The choice of sound track creates an instant summer feeling, which will really work in the brands favour over the next few months. The visuals are edgy and show carefree fun, including familar Celeb faces and well designed clothing choices. Overal I think this will be an ad that will be well remembered this Summer, as it gets played more and more over the coming months.


Another piece of creative that I particularly like is the new Vauxhall Corsa ad, that has used the famous Pop Art style to enhance the colour and vibrant nature of the brand. Along with the playful ad, comes a chance for all to become part of the next TV Campaign. I think this is a great way for the brand to create a ‘buzz’ around the brand, allowing for discussions and new customer relationships to flourish. For more details about the competiton visit: http://www.corsapopart.co.uk/?vx_trk_id=CPA_001_A

The ad itself uses a very fast-paced and upbeat song (Gnarles Barkley – Run), that I can’t help but dance to when I hear! The colours and patterns used in the visuals are so creative… especially the rainbow coloured puddle the car speeds through. I think it is also very clever how the Corsa C’mon characters are used as designs on the balloons, that fill the air near the end of the ad. This is a very clever method of subliminal reinforcement with regards to the brands symbols and imagery.

Vauxhall C’mon Characters

Vauxhall Corsa TV ad:

I have one more campaign I want to touch upon today… The Conservatives Political Ad Campaign. With the UK election naturally becoming a BIG talking point, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss the launch of the Conservative campaign. The billboards featuring David Cameron’s face and short straplines have caused a stir, many feel they are not to be taken seriously.

Although many are quite cynical about the use of marketing in a general election, I feel that the Conservative party were wise to consult Saatchi & Saatchi to produce an effective campaign. It wasn’t too long ago that Obama’s political campaign was awarded for it’s clever planning and effectiveness, and naturally he won the election.

The marketing activity is getting the Conservative party into the media, and regardless of the party’s political views, they are reinforcing the notion that the Tories will bring about change for the UK. I’m sure Saatchi & Saatchi were thrilled that they had Cameron’s face to work on and not Gordon Brown’s, made air-brushing a lot easier I’m sure!

I hope you had a good read and that my words inspired a few comments & thoughts.

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