Rajiv could feel that slowly he was slipping away. Inside his head he was experiencing something mixed; a dizzy feeling as his body was becoming numb slowly and also a bliss, lightness, something he hasn’t experienced in days or probably months. He could feel a bright light flooding the room as he closed his eyes and also distant voices shouting his name. His hands fell sideways and the empty bottle rolled out of his hands which was filled with sleeping pills some 20 mins ago. As he slipped into unconsciousness the voices became clearer. One of them, a particularly distinct female voice was asking him to give an explanation for whatever has happened.

Rajiv Mehta was one of the main partners of Mehta and Mehta, one of the leading legal consultants of India. He was one of the most suave guys who has reached his position in a short span of 8 years. He was also one of the most famously ill-reputed mentalists in his organization and a would be entrepreneur, all thanks to his inlaws, the founding members and also partners of the firm. He was particularly effective where the dealing became rough. The smoothness of his behavior was also sharp enough like a razor to cut anybody’s fate into pieces if it didn’t suit his way in the organization. This particular morning Rajiv was looking forward to interview young and beautiful ladies who have come for the post of his assistant. In between the interviews he drifted in his thoughts, he needed to shut his wife from going public by taking her for their fourth honeymoon. Just then he came crashing back to reality. Dia Malik, the lady who was standing in front of him made him come back to all his sense, he could not think of anybody better who would suit his requirements better. At that moment he was sure that she was somebody who could engulf his clients mind enough, to make them a continuous provider of fat cheques, again and again. She maintained her poise all through the interview and Rajiv found himself smitten by her charm and also by the fact that her knowledge was surprising high about how he functioned. She completed his thoughts even before he could speak it out. After he completed the interview, just for the sake of being formal, he could not help himself from asking her out for dinner which she gladly accepted. Rajiv was high and she was holding his hand laughing, he wasn’t sure when or how it began but he had shared with her details about all his holdings, about most of which even his wife isn’t aware of. He felt like he was flowing along with the water. She took him to her flat and he gladly went along. But along the way he could feel that he was loosing control over his body. Then everything went blank.

Next afternoon Rajiv woke up with a severe headache. He was lying in his bedroom but he couldn’t figure how he reached there. His servant Ramu informed that he was found banging on the main gate by the watchman at the middle of the night. He had his tea and opened the tv and moreover was shocked to find some 200 smses in his inbox. However he was more surprised when he found his name flashing on the screen of one of the most popular business channels. Beside it was shown a recorded video where he was accepting that he is handing over all his property to  Miss Dia Malik, his eldest daughter. He accepted that his dream of creating Mehta and Mehta was fulfilled by marrying his wife, the main partner of the firm some 22 years ago for which he planned to eliminate his late wife Sunaina Malik and by giving away his daughter to a couple who has lost their child. Rajiv Mehta went blank for sometime. After about an hour he went to the washroom and took the bottle of sleeping pills which his wife took occasionally.

Rajiv pulled his eyes once and saw his wife’s face before the whole room went dark….

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