Alternative medicine, treatment, and healing are rapidly gaining traction among people due to the numerous benefits and people’s cultural and spiritual perceptions or beliefs regarding healing traditions. Several alternative treatment methods receive people’s attention and gain popularity due to their positive effects on people’s health and well-being. Some well-known alternative healing methods include ayurveda, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, oriental medicine, and energy healing. Energy healing received more attention in recent years than other alternative medicine techniques due to the numerous benefits on people’s overall health and well-being. Energy healing is an alternative or complementary medicine approach that follows the belief that vital energy flows throughout the human body and influences people’s emotional, spiritual, and physical health.

Energy healing focuses on healing people by balancing the energy flow in their bodies and minds. The primary objective of energy healing is to balance the energy flow among patients while using various techniques to reduce anxiety or stress and enhance well-being. The concept also gained attention and traction recently as a complementary approach to cancer treatments to improve the quality of life, reduce medicinal side effects, and boost the immune system. Energy healing also gained popularity and acknowledgment among the masses in recent years due to an absence of side effects, non-invasive treatment, and positive effects on people’s overall health and well-being. Many practitioners and healers use various energy healing techniques to help people alleviate negative energy and reinforce positive energy. Aayush Regmi is a grand master energy healer with a prominent following due to his unique healing methods and positive outcomes.

Aayush Chandra Regmi is a Nepalese-Australian grand master energy healer, mesmerist, non-verbal hypnotherapist, international trainer, and model. Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Regmi moved to Sydney, where he completed his Masters and started practicing energy healing and hypnotism. He established Get healed with Aayush in 2018, which offers healing, meditation, and healer training services to global clients. Most people know Regmi due to his service and recognize his name due to the get health with Aayush service. 

Regmi also offers tarot readings, life between lives (LBL), horoscope analysis, past life regressions (PLR), and several other services as part of his energy healing framework. He has over seven years of meditation and over five years of energy healing and mesmerism, enabling him to train others in energy healing, meditation, and mesmerism. Get Healed with Aayush broadened its operational scope to several regions and has five branches in Sydney, the United Kingdom, Canberra, Melbourne, and the United States of America. Regmi is also a life coach helping people achieve and maintain balance in their lives by regulating their energies.

Get Healed with Aayush offers several, including energy healing, by incorporating various methods and techniques. Some prominent modalities and procedures used by Regmi in energy healing include mesmerism, mantras, singing bowl, reiki, dance with the university, meditation, tantric ritual healing, and shamanism. However, a combination of mantras and mesmerism is among the most commonly used and powerful energy healing techniques. Mesmerism, animal magnetism, and nonverbal hypnotism involve utilizing every individual’s inherent or internal energy for healing purposes. Mantras are medication practices involving sounds and phrases that help increase concentration or focus for healing purposes. Singing bowl therapy also utilizes sounds to promote relaxation, meditation, and calmness while alleviating stress and anxiety. 

Reiki is a Japanese stress-alleviation, healing, and relaxation technique that regulates the energy forces in the body altered by trauma, stress, and other negative elements. Dance with the universe, used by Regmi, promotes healing by integrating and aligning an individual with the universe through dance and meditation. Meditation is among the most common and popular healing techniques that regulate energy through concentration, breathing, and relaxation practices or exercises. Regmi also uses tantric ritual healing to help people shed negative energies while focusing on positive elements to revitalize their health and well-being. Shamanism involves interacting with the spiritual world and aligning it with the physical world to balance energy and promote positive energy. 

Aayush Regmi uses all the techniques mentioned above to heal people. He teaches them to people interested in becoming professional healers. Energy healing has received significant attention and popularity in recent years owing to its benefits and positive outcomes. Energy healing is beneficial and more effective than other healing methods because it lacks adverse side effects and invasive procedures such as surgeries. Individuals like Aayush Regmi help and heal people through various healing methods while offering training to people to become professional energy healers.

By Eddy

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