Keeping your company’s premises safe requires a holistic approach to security, with a smorgasbord of factors to be wary of aside from locking the front door and hoping for the best when you’re done for the day. Considering the furtiveness and tenacity of contemporary criminals, it’s no surprise that your firm should be on the front foot to avoid your property – physical or electronic – from falling into the wrong hands.

In this day and age, away from the corporeal danger of a would-be thief smashing and grabbing your belongings, technological advances serve to aid and abet cybercriminals attempting to hack into your company’s sensitive data.

In order to deter impostors, whether that’s online or offline, you should read our five unbeatable tips, below, to reduce your firm’s risk of robbery and help prevent valuable information from going walkabout …

Install top-notch security fencing

First off, it’s vital to reinforce the perimeter of your premises by investing in top-notch security fencing. Whether it’s sliding gates to control access or electric fencing to shock intruders, a fence offers an off-putting visual warning, and a real hurdle for intruders to negotiate, which can even be linked with your CCTV and high-tech perimeter intruder detection systems to really negate the risk of any undesirables breaching your security measures.

Mount CCTV on your grounds

By installing CCTV, it will help dampen the spirits of dodgy criminals attempting to set foot on your premises. Like fencing, CCTV is a great visual deterrent, with those who choose to ignore its presence likely to be caught on film. Consequently, if your premises are penetrated by a determined prowler, security cameras will go a long way to determining their identity.

Invest in an alarm system

Any business has the potential to be a victim of the theft of its stock or trade secrets, along with the dangers of vandalism and arson. As a result, it’s vital to install an alarm system to alert you and the authorities if there is a break-in. Invest in an alarm system with an appropriate number of motion detectors in order to spot movement in your premises and gauge whether this movement is a threat to your business.

Set up a firewall

The physical threat to your premises dealt with, it’s time to deal with your online property. Given the sophistication of modern cybercriminals, your firm’s computers, laptops and tablets should be armed with antivirus, antiphishing, antispyware and a firewall to prevent identity theft and ensure your sensitive information is secure.

Employ password best practice

To avoid confusion and prevent your employees’ personal details being easy prey for hackers, it pays to employ a best practice method for choosing passwords. Ensure each password is around 8-10 characters and contains a combination of numbers, letters and symbols – and advise your staff not to share their password with ANYONE.

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