If we remember our ancestors known as the Australopithecus, they resembled the monkeys. They lived like them and of course used their secretive sign languages or their howling methods in order to create a speech. They had this unfailing gift of understanding the unspoken language communication. Then as the days passed, there was development of words and speech and sounds which made the message more effective and clearer to the opposite person. Now in this 21st century millennium the mode of communication has entered into a new phase. The pace of conversing with people has become so fast that we hardly remember the days where there were no telephones or no mode of speech to connect with others. It’s like we are in a Déjà-woo of technology. Communication has become absolutely essential just like breathing. There is a tinge of dignity and cultivated intellectual worldliness in which we all are flowing.

Reflecting Past & Present Forms Of Communication:

In the past there were writing techniques to send messages on a special kind of cloth or material which was usually used by the royal people. People used ink-pots and ink pens to scribble down the words. Then that era was ended and came the more modernized and simplified mode of writings in form of newspapers, and magazines, which became quite popular amongst the public. Then came the Era of Telephones, It was viral. The people prided themselves on having that round dialed big numbered telephones with long strides of wires. They felt so much happy as they could talk miles and miles away from that device. Then came the pagers, and the cordless phone which minimized the volume of distance and people took from any part of the house instead of standing at one place. From fax we turned to emails, from emails to short message services and the direct video chatting format was developed which blurred all the impossibilities of being closed to your loved ones.

Television – From Black & White To LCD

Remember in the past you had those big triangular antennas with loads of wires attached at the back of your black and white television set? They sent signals in order to bring basic channel programs. Now those have been sent packing with the onset of LCD’s with 42 inch flat screen and plasmas, which show you the pictures in variety that is beyond your imagination. It consists of thousands of colors and picture freezing technique along with copying your favorite voice from the TV program. Or rewinding and recording your favorite part from the movie or show. The smart phones replaced the rotary phones. Gone are the days where we had to wait for our postman to deliver inland letters for our precious replies. Today, with the speedometer of Ram Gigahertz and Gigabytes the Internet connection in our desktops and laptops can send and receive the messages in less than a micro mini second.

Continuing The Progress:

People are amazed at the way technology is recreating itself. With the high ended technology of television and smart phones and laptops and palm tops we are sitting and guessing what would we see next? Won’t it be a better idea if a single device could transfer data, send pictures and videos and take phone calls? It would be a three in one benefit incurred by one touch.

Cell Phone Could Be More Better:

Even if there are smart phones in your hands and you are happy by its performance, give it a second thought. No doubt it has web browsing services, with internet calling, and text messages plus thousands of applications for communication, it still is lacking something. These cell phones are not smart enough to give HD clarity to the videos as the television does, they are incapable of sending instant emails and messages like the computers.

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Incompatibilities Of Gadgets:

People want more and more of comfort from the gadgets that they use, if they watch television they want to call a person from that at a same time and send the messages like computer as well. The expectations are highly raised making it a bit complicated for the technical aspirants. But maybe some of the people won’t approve of this idea of answering a call from television because there is no mode of privacy. Or if you are playing a game then also if a call comes, you would be disturbed again. So in a way, again this idea is a bit distracting. The people, who are facing this problem, will genuinely agree to it.

Nothing Can Beat A Good Old Computer:

As we go down to the path of technology, we come down to our sound computers. They are serving us faithfully since years, with addition of technical elements in the device they are performing faster and consistent. Transference of data, the high quality of video shown, and the sound quality through speakers are amplified for more exuberance of music and sounds. From Skype you can voice chat and do a video with your friends. And this is not all; you can use a microphone or direct speakers to make your voice reach to the person. You must be aware of the VoIP services that can make the task easier now. Also with the invention of laptops every single place has become a mode of virtual communication. There are absolutely no boundaries left.

More About VOIP:

This service has proved itself as an immense help to the mode of communication. If you wish to call up through VoIP from your house itself you just need an Internet broadband connection. Use your computer for making a call by your speakers or microphones. Then the second option is to make an Internet call like you do it in the cyber café, with a VoIP adapter with your own house phone connected to the broadband service. Then look at the most eminent use of the VoIP which is used by business people a VoIP phone which most of the business people use for making calls and deals. The special features of VoIP will help the caller to talk with ease. Choose it in your way, because it all depends on your usage intention.

Nothing Works Without Network:

Whether you use your Smart phone or laptop, the basic criteria to run all the components or so as to say the lifeline of these devices is the Network. The development of a network is very vital in order to run this mediums of technology, otherwise it all a show piece. An impeccable and powerful network will add a tinge of speed in the modes of these gadgets. We have already seen the example of the VoIP, which is one useful contribution with a combination of mobile and laptop services.

Hold To The Limitations:

The wireless technology is limited to a certain extent. You can use your WI-Fi in your laptop or mobile only if you are connected to the network, otherwise all the factors like Gprs, or phone call or video calling facility would seem dead. There is not a constant possibility of having an access to your data transfer or messages, or perhaps when you wait to tune in your favorite music station to hear the songs or send a message or make an urgent phone call. So keeping in mind all this possibilities the concept of VoIP will tune to a second place next to mobiles and laptops.

To Sum Up The Technological Advancements:

Right now there is no better alternative for the VoIP services, apart from having its pros and cons it still stands apart from other wireless networks. You can have your data transfer, make phone calls or watch videos in your laptop if you have access to it. Consider this option to limit your budget. Keep your fingers crossed for the future development of the VoIP and the network.

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Ryan Holman works in a reputed telecommunication company. In this article he mentions about the future changes in technology and what are the expectations from the ultra modern communication devices. Cititel is a company offering the best telecommunication services to business people. Many recommend this company for the succession of their tasks.

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