BMW 3 Series Touring performs for work

There’s no doubting the BMW 3 Series Touring’s credentials as the car of choice for many for work and pleasure. It is particularly popular among businesses thanks to its reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Low emissions and list prices

Autocar is keen to point out that BMW’s popularity among business users is partly down to the fact that its diesel models in particular are offered at “competitive list prices”. Add to this the fact that this car comes with some seriously low-emitting engines and you can see why it is so popular.

There are many different iterations of the BMW 3 Series, but Autocar awards the 330d model top marks because of what it describes as its performance and economy which it states “are of the highest order”.

Low tax band

Not only can business users be tempted by the comparatively low list prices and emissions stats, the 330d Touring is three tax bands lower than an equivalent Audi A4 or Mercedes-Benz C-class. This is significant as that means paying £450 less than you would if you drove a comparable car.

If you choose to go for the entry-level 134bhp 316i saloon you will be able to get your hands on it for less than £23,000. Autocar points out that this makes it cheaper than a “top-of-the-range 1.6-litre Ford Mondeo Ecoboost”.

Emission-saving technology included as standard
The 330d eight-speed automatic gearbox which really cuts emissions is standard if you opt for the 330d model. You will also be able to take advantage of the servotronic variable-assistance power steering for no extra cost.

What Car states that the 320d model returns “excellent economy [and] correspondingly low CO2 emissions” which make it “extremely attractive to business users”.

There are plenty of contract hire offers on BMW 3 Series Touring vehicles here if you want to see how it could save your business money.


Autocar suggests that if you drive “briskly and sensibly” you could expect to get 42.6 mpg in a 330d, while cruising at no faster than 70mph will get you 53.6 mpg.

What Car agrees that the BMW 3 Series Touring offers great value for money concluding that it combines “strong performance” with “excellent economy, fine handling and a luxurious cabin”.

Reliability and safety

A car that you use for work must be reliable. You need to know that you will arrive at your destination on time and safely.

The people at Autocar suggest that braking on the BMW 3 Series is good when it is both wet and dry, although particularly impressive when the roads are slippery. On the test track, under these conditions, the 330D stopped in less than 50 metres when travelling at 70mph, a result which it described as “excellent”.

What Car has faith that there “shouldn’t be any unforeseen problems” with the 3 Series – which is no doubt reassuring for business users – and the website awards it four out of five stars for ‘Quality and Reliability’.

The 3 Series scores top marks in terms of Safety & Secruity no doubt thanks to its six airbags and Dynamic Stability Control, which includes ABS, Cornering Brake Control, Dynamic Brake Control and Dynamic Traction Control.

Anyone in doubt as to the 3 Series safety credentials should be reassured by the fact it scored five stars in its Euro NCAP test.

So it seems that the 3 Series is the ultimate business car, a reliable, safe car that is low on emissions, has a high resale value and performs excellently economically.


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