If you are looking for oficinas en Monterrey – offices in Monterrey – there are a lot of options available to you. Before you actually start your search for an office, you need to figure out exactly what it is that you need. Let’s take a look at some of the things to take into consideration.

How to Determine the Office Space You Need

There are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to figuring out your perfect office space. These include:

  • Location. Do you expect visitors to actually come to your office? If so, it may be important to be somewhere that is easy to reach by vehicle or public transportation. You may also require a space that has parking available. If you don’t expect many visitors, it may be more valuable for you to have a prominent or exclusive location address.
  • Size of the office. How many people will be working for you? Do they all need to have their office, or will cubicles alone do? How much physical space is needed for these elements? Do you need a meeting space?
  • Facilities. Do you need a receptionist? What about a website, locked storage facilities, postal services and so on? This is all down to the nature of your operations.

How about a Virtual Office?

Have you ever considered looking into virtual offices? There are actually many benefits to using these types of offices include:

  • Lower overhead costs, as you no longer have the responsibility of an entire building.
  • Prominent locations across the country and even the globe.
  • Less staff costs.
  • Full facilities at the responsibility of the provider.

With a virtual office, all your staff will work from home or from any other location of their choice. However, there will be certain shared facilities such as a meeting room available at the address of the virtual office. The provider will generally also include such things as 24/7 telephone answering services, mail drop offs and pick-ups and even a face to face service for those customers that do actually come to your office.

Another fantastic benefit of using virtual offices is the levels of employee engagement. It is a well-known fact that employees struggle with work because they have rigid working hours and have to deal with long commutes every day. By working virtually, they have the freedom to choose their working hours, which has the added benefit for you of having longer opening hours. This is particularly beneficial if you have many international clients or other clients in different time zones to you. Furthermore, working this way is a fantastic opportunity to go green. You will significantly reduce your carbon footprint by having fewer emissions, as well as reducing vehicle emissions and congestion on the road.

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