How will Coronovirus affect the Offshore Industry?

Will the oil and gas sector recover from the coronavirus? As the world moves towards a new normal, the impact of the pandemic is being felt in the global economy. But there are signs that offshore industries are fighting back, even though short term changes brought about by the public health response continue to have an impact.

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Why Collaborative Working and Open Offices are the Future

As our understanding of which working environments both deliver value for businesses and give employees the best opportunities to reach their potential, it is becoming clear that the benefits of flexible workspaces are numerous for companies of all sizes.

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4 Things To Know Before Starting A Business

If you have a good business idea that you’re passionate about, you’re probably excited to get started. It’s good to have this passion and drive, but it’s not so good when it causes you to act rashly without any plans in place. Although it might take longer and can potentially be frustrating, taking some time to step back and assess what you are doing and create plans to help you succeed is going to be crucial. All the hard work you put in at this stage will be worth it when your business takes off and starts making a profit. 

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How to Provide a Truly Connected Experience for Your Customer

If you are running a business, have you ever asked yourself, what do the customers feel about your brand? Sure, they might be satisfied with your customer service, or they might feel confident in their purchase, but what does your brand actually make your customer feel? Do they get a positive feeling when they think about your brand? If so then this can help them make a connection to that business, which means that they are more likely to purchase from that business again.

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A Progressive Outlook: How Diversity Can Boost your Business

The world is diverse. If you want to boost your business, you should employ a diverse group of people. This doesn’t just mean employing people of different races; it means employing all types of people. Your diverse employees will be able to work with the diverse group of people out there in the world, and your customer base will grow. 

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9 Essentials All Businesses Should Have

Did you know that, on average, about 50% of all small businesses fail after five years? The Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy, reported this in 2018. We know that you and your company don’t want to fall into that statistic, so what should you do? 

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In a situation where an individual falls ill, gets injured and can not walk, and you have long-term disability (LTD) insurance, you need to contact an experienced LTD attorney immediately to increase your chance of a favourable outcome. Most unrepresented disability applicants with employer-provided group coverage go through a complicated and dicey process when filing a long-term disability claim.


Small Business Tips: Hiring the Perfect First Employee

Small businesses are responsible for roughly two-thirds of total job creation in most countries, according to research published by the Kauffman Foundation. Most small business owners start on their own but eventually get to a point where they must hire employees to help out with tasks that they don’t have time, energy, or expertise to perform properly. However, while bringing on an employee is usually a step in the right direction, it can easily end up being a bad decision that could have catastrophic effects on your business.

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How to Ensure That Your Business Has a Great Data-Driven Strategy

We all have goals when we start our businesses and we all wish to succeed. Many people are using different strategies to enable them to grow and make their enterprises profitable. To make more profit, you need to make more sales. Many businesses are now utilizing the different data they collect to enable them to significantly increase their sales. Many teams are hired by different companies to offer services that include a data-driven sales approach, and this is achieved by collecting data from different sources and utilizing the collected data to make a strategic plan on how the company can increase its sales. Below are ways that you can effectively build a data-driven sales approach. 

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Top Questions to Ask an Immigration Lawyer before Hiring Them

Are you planning to immigrate to a new country? Immigration can bring in a lot of excitement but getting a green signal on your immigration application is not easy. The process can be complicated and may make you anxious while doing it all alone. Thus arises the need for hiring an immigration lawyer who can help you overcome all the hassles of the immigration process and make things easier for you. But wait! You cannot hire any Tom, and Harry for such a crucial thing.  You need to get an expert who can handle your work with excellence.

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