The next time you are out and about, look at the people around you. A good portion of them have their phone in their hand and are looking at something as they are shopping, eating, or even just walking down the street. As a business owner, you can take advantage of this by utilizing SMS campaigns. SMS campaigns allow you to interact with your customers via text. 

Using an SMS solutions provider, such as Mitto, you can text your customer’s promotions or invite them to come and shop in your store. Read on to learn more about utilizing SMS campaigns and SMS reminders to attract shoppers to your business this year.  

What Are the Benefits of SMS Campaigns and SMS Reminders? 

There are several benefits associated with running SMS campaigns and SMS reminders. Learning about these benefits can help you create a successful omnichannel strategy achieved by leveraging an omnichannel solutions provider like Mitto.

Texts Get Sent Immediately

One of the benefits associated with an SMS campaign is that texts get sent immediately. When you utilize other types of marketing, such as direct mail marketing or even keyword marketing online, the results are not immediate. You may have to wait days or even weeks. Texts get sent out right away, making it a fast way to attract new customers, or reignite a relationship with existing customers. 

Texts Are Read More Frequently Than Emails

Another benefit is that text messages are read more frequently than emails. At any time, you can open up your inbox and find tons of emails from various companies. After a while, consumers tune out and just delete or ignore these emails. But with a 98% open rate, text messages are much more likely to be read, helping to increase the chances of them seeing your message. 

Easily Integrate With Other Marketing Tools

When you run an SMS campaign, you can integrate it with other marketing tools. For example, you can place a link in that text that refers viewers directly to your online store or a page where they can make reservations at your restaurant. 

You Can Interact With Your Customers

Depending on how you set up your SMS campaign and reminders, you may be able to interact directly with your customers. This means that they can send a reply back to the text, and your business can respond directly to their inquiry or question. This helps to increase engagement. 

Is It Easy to Run an SMS Advertising Campaign? 

As you look to run an SMS advertising campaign, you may find yourself wondering if it is easy to run this type of campaign. If you already have a customer database that includes cell phone numbers for your customers or clients, it is extremely easy to run a campaign. You can use an SMS gateway and an SMS API, or application programming interface, to input all of your phone numbers. Once that is done, you can start running your campaign. 

What Should You Look For in an SMS Gateway and SMS API?

As you look for an SMS gateway and SMS API, there are a few essential things you need to consider. First, you need to consider the cost. Different software and interfaces have different costs associated with them. Another factor to consider is how many people you can send a text to at a time. 

Some tools allow you to text thousands of people at once, while others may only allow you to text hundreds at a time. The tools that the interface has available to track different text campaigns are also important. This allows you to see what wording or what products customers respond best to. Lastly, look for a program that helps to fight against bots, attacks, and spyware and offers fraud protection. Mitto is one of our favorite tools and checks all of these boxes. 

Start Running Your SMS Campaigns and SMS Reminders Today!

For 2023, you may be looking to do everything you can to help attract new customers to your business. One of the best tools that you can use is an SMS campaign, allowing you to text customers with offers or remind them to come and shop with your business. While there are many SMS APIs and SMS gateways, Mitto stands out from the rest because it is easy to use and has a high rate of success. If you want to attract more business to your store, try an SMS campaign to bring more customers in. 

By Eddy

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