A lot of people are turning to spray foam insulation kits as they help to conserve home energy. However, if this is your first time using such a kit, it may be a confusing issue. Did you know that almost 70% of what you spend on energy goes on your heating? This really demonstrates how important it is to have measures in place to stop heat from escaping, thereby bringing your bills down as well. This is exactly what spray foam insulation can do.

Green building projects almost always use spray foam insulation. This is because it is a superior product and more sustainable to fiberglass. It is nontoxic and completely safe, and it is able to get into every crack inside walls and lofts, even in those hard to reach areas. It reduces air leaks, stops pollution and noise from coming into your home and fixes and drafts. In doing so, it also reduces the amount of mold you may have in your property.

The foam is a more expensive option than conventional methods, but kits can help reduce that price. Not just that, you should see a significant return on investment through the reduction of your energy bills. Indeed, they could go down by as much as 30%, which is very significant. Do make sure, however, that you use a polyurethane foam, which has the best R-values of all insulation types.

Kits can be purchased from various locations. Spend some time searching online for the ones that may be most suitable to your needs and your budget. You do have to make sure that you get enough for your property, which means that you have to check just how large your property is. You will also need things like a spray fan and nozzles, goggles, gloves and a suit to protect yourself.

Instructions to Use Foam Insulation

  1. Put on all your personal protective equipment. Then set the valves onto the tanks and get your hose assembly and gun applicator ready. These should be connected to the back of the carton that contains your foam. Make sure they are properly tightened, using a spanner to lock it into place. You then open the valves and make sure your tank has been opened properly. Check whether there are any leaks before you get started on actually using the product.
  2. Your gun applicator should be on the “off” position and needs to be turn on. Point it into a container that you have ready for waste and squeeze the trigger. This should release two streams of spray, which is your insulating foam. Get a mixing nozzle and press it into the container so that the chemicals can mix properly.
  3. You should notice that your foam is not quite white, but not quite brown either. If you find the color is too light or too dark, you probably haven’t mixed it properly. Should this happen, then check your nozzles and tank before trying again.

It is always best to use a new spray foam insulation kit and make sure you don’t use them until all your plumbing and electrical work has been completed. For more information, make sure you contact your manufacturer.

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