Cubot Promotion is on fire, and we are here to discuss about the Cubot Smartphone Carnival in which you can get the Best Android 4.4 Smartphone and Cubot Quad Core Phones. Cubot is an emerging mobile company which is delivering the quality mobiles at cheap prices. All mobiles of Cubot are made after the expert reviews and advices. Cubot Quad Core Phoneare the best quad core phones in the price range. Below I have reviewed one the best phone of Cubot. That is Cubot S208 White.

This phone comes with a cheap plastic, leather-patterned cover that has a window exposing the top 40% of the screen. Makes the phone look like an iPod. Sticks on to the phone with an adhesive strip, so not removable once fitted. Screen auto-rotation won’t rotate the screen 180 degrees, only +/-90. If rotation is turned off when the display is in landscape orientation, it will return to portrait.

Considering its £79.99 price tag, theCubot S208 comes with everything you would expect and perhaps a bit more. There is a 1 gigs of RAM, 16GB of internal storage with quad core processor is a complete premium package. I am a little bit disappointed by the display. Cubot S108 is a big 5 inch smartphone, but the display only has a qHD resolution (960 x 540). But overall this phone is best buy in this price tag. Truly awful power-on jingle that plays at ear-splitting volume. No checking this phone during intervals. (This can be trned off by enabling “quick boot” in the settings). There seems to be very good control over the SIMs – you can allocate the default SIM for voice calls, video calls (what?) and data; enable roaming per-SIM; and disable a SIM entirely.

The company Cobut is organizing a Cubot Smartphone Carnival where the phones get a flat 50% off. I would surely put this awesome Cubot S208 phone on the list of recommended Cobut mobile phones just for the budget and including a camera of this high quality.

There are many new features in this mobile phone which Cubot have not added in any phones. Same as that there is a new feature named My Vividscene, it will give you anew experience of User Interface This phone also supports most APK format Android game and applications which can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.

You will get accessories like Charger, Earphone, Data Cable, 2200mAh Battery, User Manual and Flip Cover with this phone. You will also get a case with this phone so your phone is safe now. You can either buy it from market or from online shopping website. I will recommend you to buy it from Cubot Anniversary Sale. There is a Cubot Event in which this phone is available for a cheaper price than any other seller.Below I have posted the link from where you can buy this phone. You will get all original accessories with it. You can order it with PayPal. Your order will be shipped out within 48 hours after your payment.

Buy Cubot S208 5 inch Android 4.2 Smartphone

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