The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company or organization must possess certain qualities in order to be successful. For one, the person must be forward-thinking. In order for a company to grow, it needs a CEO who understands that a company needs to adjust with the changing times. A company that does things exactly how it has always done them is not going to grow and improve. Of course, successful practices can be improved upon. An effective CEO sees the changes that need to be made and figures out how to make them in order to move the company forward. Here are some other qualities that many successful CEOs possess.


In order to become a CEO and experience success in the job, a person needs to have the quality of persistence. The individual understands that mistakes are part of the process and should never stop someone from pursuing a goal. A CEO who is persistent knows how to garner support for a project and persists until he or she gets all of the support that is needed to make it work.

A Leader

A CEO must know how to be an effective leader. Managers and other employees are all under the guidance of a CEO. The person knows how to get employees to put forth their best efforts. In addition, a successful CEO motivates employees to do their best on a project instead of continually pressuring them to finish it. In the end, managers and employees should want to do their best in order to please the CEO of the company.

The Big Picture

A CEO is able to see the big picture for a company or organization. He or she can look at a project and determine whether it will benefit a company in the long run. A successful CEO doesn’t just go from project to project. Instead, he or she looks ahead and determines what would be in the best interest of the company. One example of a successful person in this type of position is CEO Gary Crittenden.

A High-Energy Person

A CEO has a lot of responsibilities when it comes to running a company. There are many employees and others who depend upon the successful operations of a company or organization. Consequently, being a high-energy person is definitely a useful quality for someone with a variety of job responsibilities. Most CEOs don’t have a regular nine to five work schedule. Sometimes there are late hours and at times a CEO may be called upon to come in early or report on the weekends. A large store of energy benefits someone who is directly involved in the level of success that a company achieves.


Finally, a CEO is dedicated to seeing his or her company or organization succeed. They are very serious about accepting the challenge of leading a company. They are concerned about improving every aspect of the company and building on its favorable reputation. Being dedicated to seeing a company succeed sometimes means that a CEO has to make difficult decisions such as making changes in staff. But, a dedicated CEO does what he or she has to do in order to help a company to achieve its full potential in the marketplace.

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