The Social Responsibility of Businesses Today

 Now more than ever before, businesses have a social responsibility for ensuring that their actions don’t have an irreversible effect on our environment. Climate change has been almost unanimously accepted as a reality and a genuine threat to future generations and the continuation of life on earth. And unfortunately, businesses are one of the chief contributors. How are they affecting the environment and what can they do in order to be socially responsible? Read on.

How Businesses Affect the Environment

It should be noted that not all businesses are in the wrong. Many in fact are working hard to reduce their carbon footprint and help to environment (eg The Mark Group). But on the whole, businesses are among the chief contributors to climate change and environmental concerns. Businesses of course use up a massive amount of energy in their day-to-day running; computers, printers, air conditioners, lighting – these all take up precious energy. In fact, many of the heating and air conditioning systems – as well as using up power – do further detriment to the environment by pumping it full of greenhouse gas emissions. Naturally, businesses use a lot of paper as well, which often isn’t recycled. But one of the biggest contributors to climate change occurs before employees have even stepped into the office. Cars. Rush hour traffic is a killer as far as the environment is concerned, and it stems almost entirely from people trying to get to work in the morning.

What Businesses Can Do

Businesses account for roughly 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the western world. So in essence, they need to be more conscientious across the board. The employment of energy-efficient systems and technologies are an absolute must. Likewise, they need to make serious steps towards utilising office materials which are both sustainable and recyclable. Perhaps more than anything though, they have a social responsibility for encouraging their employees to limiting their reliance on automobiles as a primary source of travel. Buses and trains are widespread, and using these instead will have a profound positive impact on our environment.

Doing Your Part For Future Generations

Environmental concerns currently stand at the forefront of all global debates. And the role which businesses have to play in this debate is significant. By employing the methods listed here, businesses will ensure that they do their part for the environment and for future generations.


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