Document shredding has become a standard for most companies around the world, but even more so in the UK, where many organisations have to comply with legal guidelines and requirements. With a proper document shredding procedure, companies can ensure that all their confidential files and data are disposed of in the best manner possible.

But whilst it’s easy for a company to buy its own document shredder, more and more enterprises are instead relying on the expertise of a professional document shredding service. The advantages of enlisting a document shredding service are immense – not only do you save money by not having to purchase your own shredder (and maintain it at the same time), but you also save the time and effort of your staff, who no longer have to contend with destroying documents as part of their office responsibilities.

Below are a few other benefits brought about by a professional document shredding service:

Take advantage of the proper management of waste

There’s no doubt that every enterprise produces an enormous amount of paperwork – even more so with those firms which deal with client or patient information, such as banks and hospitals. These paper documents, when accumulated, are a significant fire hazard. But when you regularly rely on a document shredding service, you can eliminate the risk of fire in your premises.

Companies today are also required to have a proper plan for waste management. Documents are considered industrial and recyclable waste and must be disposed of accordingly. With a professional document shredding service, you are sure that your paper waste will not only be destroyed properly and confidentially – it will also be recycled properly as well.

Do your part in saving the environment

A professional document shredding service will make sure that your shredded paper is recycled. So it will not only not be thrown in a landfill (where it will certainly take up more space) – it can be reused for other purposes instead of being completely wasted. With a professional document shredding service, you are doing your own small bit in preserving the environment.

Benefit from a more secure and efficient shredding process

Whether you are dealing with client records, patient information, financial records, or personnel data, you need to make sure that these documents remain confidential. When you rely on a professional document shredding service, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure at all times, even whilst undergoing the process of being shred. A professional service will make use of tried and tested techniques of document shredding, which makes the pieces of paper impossible to put together again. Additionally, with a professional service, you can benefit from either mobile on-site or off-site shredding, where your paper can be collected and destroyed in your premises or destroyed in a secure shredding facility.

Establish a regular schedule for document shredding

If you have your own shredder, document shredding tends to be disorganised, and you are not even sure that you are complying with legal requirements. But with a professional shredding service, you can be sure that you are fully compliant with the law, and you can also opt for a regular routine for shredding, whether it be once a week, once a month, or even annually. You do not have to worry about delegating a staff member to destroy documents – everything is done for you on a regular basis.

Secure shredding is important for any company. With a professional shredding service, such as that provided by Simply Shred, you can rest easy knowing that your confidential data is properly managed and destroyed.

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