Keeping your team’s morale high and positive is the key to consistent productivity and smooth business management. If your small business or startup lacks the team spirit, then progress is plateaued. Here are 5 ways you can boost team morale without busting the company’s bank account and giving everyone ridiculous raises.
Make Them Believe

Employees are only tiny cogs in a very large machine, but do they know or act like it? From the hiring process, potential candidates must understand and resonate with your company’s vision of what you are working towards as an organization. That vision will drive and inspire employees into effectively moving forward.

Show Them Their Valued

For starters, you should know each and every one of your employee’s name. Much better, you should know their birthdays and other important events coming up in their lives, such as a wedding or baby shower. Don’t forget to send gifts. Even the simplest of greeting cards that have your personal writing lets them know you care. Have an updated and detailed calendar system in your computer or have your assistant track the important dates.

Celebrate Company Milestones

it’s normal to concentrate on the next task when you’ve just overcome an obstacle. However, take time to absorb your accomplishments with the team by eating out or ordering food for the entire office. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. You simply have to be creative when coming up with ways on how to celebrate these accomplishments. If you treat every accomplishment uneventfully, employees will feel like what they are doing is senseless thus effectively losing their passion and drive.

Participate in Some Volunteer Work

Giving back to the community not only boosts team morale with minimal costs, but also makes for some good PR. Have your firm give employees paid hours per month to volunteer for their supported causes and charitable activities. Your organization can participate in activities like visits to children’s hospitals or orphanages to teach about technology, offering meals to the local’s homeless people, and collecting toys to donate to children in need.

Help Employees in Trouble

If an employee currently faces a health problem that costs a great deal of money, help him/her by starting a crowdfunding campaign via, collecting donations around the office or raising funds via bake sales. You can also hire in-house professionals for success coaching and financial management lessons. Helping your employees grow individually echoes into what they can achieve holistically.

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