Can you believe that the average office worker uses ten thousand pieces of paper every year? Think about that, let it sink in. The height of that stack of paper would be equivalent to a tree that is 100 feet tall! If it makes you feel a little bit sick and guilty that you have used that amount of paper every year, you might want to think about cutting down on the printing footprint of your office. Take a look at this interesting infographic from StinkyInk about reducing your office paper output.

There is a lot of great information listed here about how to make your workplace more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of paper you produce. For example, there are small changes you can implement that will make a big difference, including using lighter weight paper and printing everything double-sided. They might seem like inconsequential changes, but they can really add up to less paper usage over the year.

There are even case studies of other companies that have successfully cut down their paper output. Take a look at this very informative infographic for more ideas and if you find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends.

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How to Offset Your Printing Footprint – An infographic by the team at

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