Today, the most popular Forex trading platform available online is Metatrader 4. Millions of traders around the world use the Metatrader platform, or MT4 as it is more commonly known. In addition to providing traders with an online trading platform, MT4 also provides them with the best online trading reviews. Many brokers, including the renowned financial company ETX Capital, recommend it. Let’s look at the reasons that make Metatrader 4 such a rewarding trading platform

Useful online trading indicators, charts and tools

In order to help you perform your trading analysis efficiently, Metatrader or MT4 is equipped with numerous online trading scripts, technical analysis tools, indicators and many other add-ons. Apart from this, it also offers you several currency pairs to trade and multiple timeframes.

Ease of Communication

One of the most important aspects of online trading is communication. MT4 takes this aspect into consideration and offers ease of communication. It enables brokers and traders to correspond with one another in real time through messages without the need of conventional lengthy emails. In addition to this, MT4 allows users access to information in multiple languages.

Easy to download, access, install, and use

Free download of Metatrader or MT4 is something that more than three hundred brokers around the world offer. The best thing about MT4 is that you can download and install in on as many computers as you like. This online trading platform takes two to three minutes to install and access to it is available 24/7.It may take you several weeks to get use to MT4 trading platform but you can get an early start with Metatrader 4’s user guide.

Improve your trading skills with a demo account

With Metatrader 4, you can improve your trading skills without spending a single penny.MT4 comes with a demo account with features similar to a real live account and the best thing is that you get a three months free trial of MT4.Also if you need to demo trade after those three months pass, you can simply open a new account.

Secure Trading

It is important that your online trading is secure as you have money at stake. Protection is required for private and sensitive financial information of users which Forex trading deals with. MT4 uses a 129-bit key to encrypt the data between the server and the user which makes it a secure trading platform. Also, MT4 conceals the IP address of the trader.

Get Advice from Experts

A key feature of MT4 platform is advice from experts. Using the most suitable customized EA (Expert Advisors), traders can automate their trade through the Metatrader 4 platform. Using this option, you can learn how to trade online if you’re a novice trader. On the MetaTrader4 platform it hosts, ETX capital allows traders to use their own automated Expert advisors.

When it comes to online trading, we can safely say that MT4 is one of the best available platforms, with numerous financial giants endorsing its use.

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