Who doesn’t like appreciated and recognition. You’d be lying if you say you don’t. Recognition and appreciation are infact essential to promote a hardworking spirit amongst the employees and it is hence almost mandatory for the management of a company to give certain employee recognition awards for better work delivery. Employees today are always switching jobs for better remuneration and for a company to retain the valuable workers, they must appreciate their talent and provide incentives and awards that not only encourage the employees but also help keep them loyal to the company. The companies must even allocate a certain budget for these recognition awards that must be given every once in a while.

Every company requires fresh talent and they employ new people for more creative minds to work together, but that will never compensate for the need of the experienced employees they have already. Retaining old employees saves great number of hours spent in training new employees who may again switch jobs once trained well enough. Old employees would be retained only when they are told they are assets to the company. Appreciation for the hard work put in by employees not only increases the passion and enthusiasm manifold but also helps them retain loyalty to the company due to being recognized for their talent continuously. This motivation only pays back to the company in the longer term.

Motivation along with retention of old employees plays a major role in getting more profits for the company. It is an investment you are making in your employees in the form of awards that will pay off and make your company touch new heights due to not just motivation but also competition amongst the staff to keep performing better in order to be recognized and rewarded. Why would other not strive harder to achieve the award if their colleague has and had managed to become the boss’s favourite?

The company must also consider carefully what is it that they would gift to their employees as a recognition award. Employees appreciate receiving trophies since they can be showed off to people or they’d prefer things which are of use and benefit to their family and themselves. While cash bonuses are a good option, there is often disagreement on how much exactly is the right amount of cash to award to motivate your employee the best.

The gift or award of recognition should however always include a certificate or a valid proof of their recognition and the award should be of good quality to be appreciated by the employees. Imagine an award they would rather not have, would it not deter the whole process of recognition. A little effort disposed to appreciate and recognize your employees can infact take your business a long way ahead.

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