Over the years PowerPoint has become almost eponymous with business presentations and is the most widely used tool to create them. It is easy to see why it is so popular, seeing as it is so user-friendly that creating presentations on PowerPoint is really a piece of cake.

That being said, PowerPoint does have one drawback: The format that it uses. When you create and save a presentation in PowerPoint’s PPT or PPTX format, there are going to be several issues that you may end up facing – the biggest of which being compatibility.

The problem with PPT and PPTX formats is that in order to view the presentation the device must have PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer installed. Although many PCs may have this software, other devices (especially mobile ones) may not.


On top of that there’s also the question of the version of PowerPoint and whether or not it will support all the features used in the presentation that you create. All too often people find at the very last minute that their business presentations aren’t being displayed properly on certain devices – and that will necessitate a last minute rush to attempt to fix it for the version of PowerPoint that is being used.

With all of these issues, the benefits of starting to convert PowerPoint to video for your business presentations should be clear. With videos you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or whether or not the presentation will display properly. Considering the Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter makes it easy to convert your presentations into videos of any format – it won’t take you long to get it done either.

Aside from solving issues related to compatibility and support, the other benefit you will gain by converting your presentations with the Movavi PowerPoint to Video Converter is you can then use it online. As a video you could share it on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, or even embed it on your blog or website. The software provides features that supports this and will allow you to use presets to optimize your video accordingly.

By providing an intuitive, easy and fast way to convert your business presentations, the Movavai PowerPoint to Video Converter should be just what you need. It is flexible and lightweight, so you will be able to ensure your videos end up with the format and settings that you want.

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