If you are remotely concerned about medical expenses in a different country, especially a scenario where you need emergency departure, then the answer is undoubtedly “Yes!”

We would come across a lot a travellers who religious believe that travel insurance is for people who are always paranoid. However, knowing the fact that we don’t have a crystal ball to look into the future and unprecedented events are always lurking in the corner, it is always better to be safe financially, than worry when you are broke. Let us also leave you with a small tip – Make sure you buy the policy as soon as you can after the first trip payment just to make sure that your pre-existing health conditions are covered.

Buying a travel insurance is always a bargain, as it might or might not come handy. People don’t buy travel insurance because most of the time their instincts tell them it is a bad idea. However, instincts are not exactly a factor that you should trust before you buy insurance. Insurance is a product that will look completely useless if your travel goes without a hitch. However, uncertainty is the only thing that is certain in our lives. For that fact alone, travel insurance is worth every single rupee you shell out.

Let us look at some of the different type of travel insurance coverage offered in the market:

  • Domestic travel insurance

Domestic travel insurance is suited for customers who wish to travel within the country. It takes care of your medical emergencies, permanent disability and death, checked-in baggage lost or stolen, delay in travel, and personal liability.

  • International travel insurance

International travel insurance safeguards you from variety of contingencies one might have to possibly go through during international travel. It offers comprehensive cover for baggage and delay during travelling, loss of travel documents like passport, hijack, overseas medical expenses, along with usual cover

  • Corporate travel insurance

Under corporate travel insurance India, employees are eligible to get coverage for domestic and international trips.

  • Student travel insurance

This insurance is designed for students who go overseas on student visa to pursue higher education. This insurance has least amount of paperwork. The insurance provides cover against passport loss, medical treatment, & interruption in studies

  • Senior citizen travel insurance

This insurance is provided to people who belong to the age category of 61-70. This insurance covers cashless hospitalization and dental treatments along with usual benefits that you get with travel insurance.

  • Family travel insurance

This insurance covers the entire family of the insured during travel from emergencies that happen during travelling. This policy covers baggage loss, hospitalization, and other incidental expenditures. Even this insurance required minimal paperwork.

  • Individual travel insurance

This insurance is designed for single individual to offer him cover from travel related emergencies. Individual insurance protects you from home burglary, shortening of trip, and cancellation of trip.

  • Multi-trip travel insurance

This insurance cover is generally offered usually for a year. This is designed for people who fly frequently for multiple trips so that they don’t have to go through the hassle of applying for insurance every time.

  • Single trip insurance

This travel insurance offers coverage for single trip. It covers both medical and non-medical emergencies, which includes coverage for loss of baggage that is checked-in.

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