If you’re just starting at a new company or have had some rough times in the past, you may feel that you’re not getting the amount of respect that you’d like. However, you can’t just tell people to respect you and then have obvious changes seen in the workplace regarding your standing and reputation. But in order to feel appreciated and important at your company, it’s vital that you have the respect that you deserve. So to help you make it easier for others within your organization to respect you, here are three tips for gaining more respect from your colleagues.

 Show Respect To Others

 Before you can get respect, you have to willing to give respect, especially in the workplace. A great way to do this, according to Suzanne Lucas, a contributor to The Balance, is to speak less and listen more to those within your company. While you do need to have your voice heard in certain instances, people will feel that you respect and value their opinions when you take the time to actively listen to them. Not only will this help with the respect between colleagues within your office, but it could also improve the overall effectiveness of your company.

 Balance Confidence and Humility

 While you can artificially increase your own confidence by wearing a great suit or rocking some beautiful diamond earrings, it’s really the confidence that comes from inside that makes people feel that they can respect you. However, Peter Daisyme, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, writes that it’s very important that you’re able to balance your confidence with humility. While you should feel confident in your abilities at completing your job, people often find it easier to respect someone who can get their work done while still remaining humble about what they’ve done. Just make sure that you don’t go too far in one direction, as this could have the opposite effect that you’re looking for.

 Be Good At Your Job

 Arguably the best way that you can garner more respect from your colleagues is to simply be good at your job. Jennifer Winter, a contributor to The Muse, shares that it’s very hard to ignore or disrespect someone who does a great job in their position. So even if the respect you’re looking for isn’t given right away, as you prove that you’re good at your job and can effectively get the job done, others in your company will naturally respect you and the asset you are to your organization.

If you want to feel more respect from your colleagues at work, consider using the tips mentioned above to help your positive attributes shine through and make it easy for others in the office to respect you.

By Eddy

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