You don’t have to be a professional writer to create a powerful essay. It’s not a secret anymore. A great talent and writing skills don’t influence the results you get at the end of the academic year. To get high scores on the next writing task, you have to stick to 5 little rules of writing. Don’t you know them yet?

In this article, we’re going to introduce you 5 little secrets of essay writing every student should know. In case, you want to get more information on essay writing, editing, and proofreading, click here now and get a professional consultation with an experienced team of writers.

5 Easy Steps of Essay Writing

Every great essay is made of a decent preparation and proper implementation.

  1. At this stage, you have to prepare to write an essay. Choose one topic you like the most and unpack the related questions. Analyze what are the main issues of the topic and what is the main question you have to answer.
  2. It is a process when you generate both important and unimportant ideas. You have to start with the facts you already know about your topic issue. Then slowly go to related ideas and opinions, writing everything down. Develop your ideas as long as you need it. After this, read them aloud and choose only the best ones. This will be the basis for your essay. For better results, you can structure all data in tables, creating separate groups of related information.
  3. Create a short plan, dividing all existing information into concrete parts of your essay. For example, introduction consists of general statements and main ideas outlining. Then go body and conclusion. Some students prefer writing the body part first. We recommend writing introduction and conclusion first to make sure that they correspond with each other, and to be sure that all topic questions are answered.
  4. Thesis part. A thesis is your main idea in the whole essay. Each opinion and thought should support and reflect your thesis. A clear thesis is a basis for a qualitative essay. The thesis statement determines the direction of your essay, explaining what you will be writing about.
  5. The general view of your paper identifies the general results. The lengths of the sentence and paragraphs, abbreviations, grammar and spelling influence your essay the most. Make sure that you proofread your writing at least 2-3 times. Ask your friends or family members to read your essay aloud. What do they think? Poor grammar gives a bad impression even to the most beautiful and poetic writings. Pay special attention to words and punctuation. It is always better to choose shorter words over longer.

Start your next essay with these 5 easy steps to make it powerful enough to get the highest results.


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