The world economic cycles have become more unpredictable, consequentially leading to an ever-constant conflict in regards to the entrepreneurial role by the businesses and the labor market about service provision. The hiring managers play a significant role and drastically influence company with a business culture that in turn creates employee loyalty.

For the organization, hiring the wrong employees is time consuming, counterproductive and costly. Apart from the recruiting cost, which includes the training and recruiting expenditures, imagine the additional responsibilities of the other employees when they have to periodically take-up the duties when someone leaves the company.

There is also the risk of poor services rendered by the employees primarily due to employees’ low qualification and the inadequate staffing of an organization. Such causes have caused the business to venture into new approaches in the hiring procedures. Among the changes taking place in the hiring services, include;

a) Hiring process

Businesses are more than ever assessing their current goals and objectives and how the employee’s role will define the future needs of a business. When hiring, businesses are now more concerned with the position of the employee will have to achieve the set objectives and hence develop a job description.

This is done through an intense scrutiny on the prospective skills and qualification to fit the job description.Employees affect the business culture as well as the business’ profit margin. Therefore,Hiring practices have changed since more employees are offered a solicit job applicator form that includes open-ended questions that require a detailed response from the applicant.

b) Innovation in hiring procedures

Technology greatly influences the organizational business culture. Hiring services are now using technology to evaluate the applicant’s level of technical expertise, hence give an objective evaluation of an applicant without any form of bias since; the evaluation is based purely on their skill and technical knowledge. Best skills no longer translate to the best employee, it is what the candidate will offer the business and in turn get professional growth.

c) Flexibility

The employees are creators of social innovation through well-organized means of ensuring the employee’s social protection under the labor relation is protected. Most companies are investing industrial schemes with the aim of guaranteeing portability and transferability of workers right to health, insurance, pension schemes and vocational training all with the intention of helping the employee in adapting to its business culture.

d) Social innovation

Humans are social beings. Employees desire to work in a clean and friendly environment. Companies are now adapting to modern trends of keeping the employees contended through simple acts such as having clean and well-kept offices, to rubbish removal, and air-conditioned offices which go a long way in positively influencing the working environment.

The social flexibility of the working environment dictates how long how long an employee works depending on the type of contract signed. Recently, business is ensuring they lure their employees into a productive workplace that not only caters to their professional needs but also social. Such as signing up for free guitar lessons as a means of tapping into the employee’s social needs and as a form of reward.

The change in hiring practices have undoubtedly influenced the business culture even with its share of challenges and additional cost. Hiring services are determined by the current business practices and evaluation of the areas a company needs to improve to ensure it fits in its own business culture through its workforce.

By Eddy

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