There’s something to be said about finding the right pair of shoes for your outfit or getting the perfect top that matches your slim fit jeans. At abof, our aim is just that, using innovative concepts such as 3D trial rooms and personalised feeds to showcase items that are best suited to your style.

Here are a few things you need to know before shopping online at

  1. Visual Searches

Visual searches use concepts such as colour, size, cut and designs to help a purchaser find exactly what they’re looking for, or similar items. It is a concept that is used in order to ease the process of finding clothes that the buyer likes, and feels would suit them best. Visual searches are ideal for customers who know exactly what would match their style when they see it. These searches work better than a word search, as descriptions don’t always do the clothing justice, especially jeans.

  1. 3D Fit

There is a variety of tools in the market that enables a buyer to visualise the way an item of clothing will look on their bodies. With abof’s 3D trial room, return requirement will become things of the past. This innovative feature ensures that one can upload a likeness of them or choose an avatar on the site, and try on clothes to see if it flatters their body, and whether different brands look different on them.

  1. Personalised ‘What’s Hot’ feed

The main goal of the fashion industry of today is to provide tailor-made content to their buyers. And this is done via abof’s personalised feed of current trends and styles that are in vogue. The personalised ‘What’s Hot’ feed ensures that it only provides the customer with relevant information based on their interests and past behaviour on the site.

  1. Returns and Refunds

With a one touch return policy and refunds offered in just 24 hours, the world of online shopping has evolved. At abof, these privileges are offered in order to minimise the effort one has to take to return clothes and not wait for a refund that could be used to buy more items.

Part of the Aditya Birla Group, abof’s ventures into a world of innovative offerings with fashion that is trending internationally.

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