The basic components of writing a stellar blog post are still very useful when you are writing for a business site.  There are only a few things, in particular, that you might want to pay special attention to when composing your articles. 

A blog’s mission in business is to draw in eyes.  A business blog is a marketing tool, and should always be optimized for such a purpose.  Take a moment to read over these helpful suggestions towards learning the money-making components of building a successful business blog.

Target a specific audience of readers

Depending on the nature of your business, your blog should target the appropriate populous of readers.  Web users are very specific in their search tactics, so your posts should be very specific in their purpose.

When you figure out to whom you are writing, composing a great blog comes easier.  For instance, a women’s underwear site would not want to post a blog article concerning the matter of monster truck rallies.  Here is an example of a targeted article posting.


Include SEO tactics to boost search rankings

Before you begin building your collection of business blog posts, you will want to invest some time in educating yourself on the concepts of search engine optimization.  SEO is the art of getting your message to the top of the Google search results.

When your website or blog post indexes on the third page of the Google search results, there is very little chance of gaining a large readership.  People almost never go to the third page of the results list, and the game is all about being seen.

Make sure your mobile users are not left out of the equation

An extremely significant percentage of the world’s population accesses the internet via their mobile devices every day.  It is devastating to count yourself out of the mobile mix.  Mobilize your blog posts.

If people have to pinch and swipe to view your website or blog, then your design is not optimized for mobile viewing.  Pages that are mobile ready also rank higher in the Google search results.

Your blog posts should come equipped with catchy headlines

We live in a society of corner-cutting convenience, and your blog headlines are no exception.  People scan quickly over article headlines, and you have only a few words to communicate your intentions.  Use them wisely.

A catchy headline is relatively short.  You want to try and pack as much power into ten words or less to maximize your message.  Get crafty with your words if you desire.  Whatever it takes to grab the attention of readers, short of blatant misrepresentation.  Readers do enjoy a certain level of clarity.

By Eddy

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