One of the most critical issues faced by employers in the workplace is perception.  A leader must make a conscious effort to gain the trust and confidence of their team, and a negative perception can undermine the whole operation.  Deciding to portray the stoic, closed-off, tough guy/girl is not always the best route to travel.

Employees that feel valued and appreciated by their employers are a hundred times more likely to put their best foot forward in every situation.  They will work harder and be happier in their roles when their leader shows empathy and compassion.

Take a moment to read through a few helpful suggestions on how to be a supportive employer, and see what things you could change to create a more positive working environment.

Actively enable a healthy work/life balance

One of the best ways for a business (as a whole) to encourage a healthy work/life balance is to provide a space for respite within the office.  Many call centers have incorporated this tactic by providing onsite fitness and game rooms for employees to utilize during their down time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, companies have also begun creating a designated “quiet space” in their office areas to create a safe space to relax.  Sometimes just a few moments of silence can help refresh a jumbled mind.

Go above and beyond to help employees suffering personal hardship

It is not a professional recommendation that you get too involved in your employee’s personal life, but if you know they just suffered from a car accident or a loss in the family, then it is courteous to at least show minimal human empathy in some way.

Do not be afraid to provide a little extra time off if they need to tend to a personal matter.  Employers that show they care always end up with happier employees.

Maintain a relatable persona

Employers should never act as if they are of more value than those who work for them.  A strong sense of unity and teamwork should ooze from the workplace.  No one person is more valuable than the other.

Find ways to make yourself relatable.  An act as simple as pinning a picture of your family dog up in the office can remind employees that you are human.

Show them that their loved ones matter

Without getting involved in an employee’s personal life, there is a way to show them that their loved ones matter.  Let us say that one employee was forced to reschedule his honeymoon because a big deal came through.

The management team could set up a nice beach-themed retreat in the office with dinner and candles, so the newlyweds could enjoy some privacy.  Show that you care without getting overly involved.

By Eddy

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