Making sure that all aspects of your business are connected is a fantastic way to save both time and money. The last thing that you want is to find out that two areas of your business are wasting their efforts by carrying out the same duties. It can also be disastrous if different aspects of your business are running without a unified strategy. While one part of your team might be heading in a certain direction, the rest of your team might be moving in another. This level of chaos will make it almost impossible for you to inspire confidence in your potential clients.

A business that does not present a unified front will find it very difficult to survive in a competitive market. That is why it is so important for you to take a step back and evaluate. Do all of your employees understand your expectations? Do all resources reflect your company’s brand? Is there anything that undermines what your business stands for? These are the kinds of questions that you should be asking. Once you have found the answers, it is time for action. Below are three ways to ensure that all aspects of your business are connected.

Marketing strategy

The only thing worse than a bad marketing strategy is a confused one! Don’t put off your potential clients by sending them a series of mixed messages. Many businesses fail to market effectively because they try to offer too much. Instead of finding one unique selling point, they overwhelm their audience with bold claims and ineffective clichés. Try to establish one key thing that you alone can offer. Perhaps your business has won awards for customer service? Perhaps you are the only company on the market to make products out of a certain material? Whatever it is, make sure that this is at the centre of your marketing strategy.

The bottom line is how do you master marketing strategy? It’s all well and good understanding the importance of marketing in your business, but how do you actually master this skill?
The answer is to find the right training. You’ll find all sorts of business training programs that show you how to master marketing. Amazing Selling Machine for example, specifically show you how to master marketing with an e-commerce business. And there are many similar courses that show you how to do the same in all kind of industries. You just need to do your own research.

You also need to outline what is important to your business and make sure that your staff are all aware of this. Training your employees to use key words when they are dealing with clients, or creating marketing resources, will help your business to maintain a strong brand. It will also help your staff to feel confident in their roles. It is important to be consistent. For instance, if your website states that the customer is always right, your customer support team should be aware of this promise. Or, if your business sells eco-friendly products, your employees should be encouraged to recycle their waste. The most successful businesses in the market have a strong brand and the determination to maintain it. It is vital to have an attractive website design which promotes your business. Quikclicks is one such agency which helps in complete website designing and providing digital marketing solutions.

Operate using the cloud

Why not consider running your business via the cloud? This will help you ensure that all aspects of your business are connected and are accessible via one unified platform. You may already rely on Salesforce for your sales, service, marketing, analytics, communities, and apps. However, by using a NetSuite open air connector, you can seamlessly integrate various apps together. Instead of having to build an integration from scratch, you can install a smart connector that will do all of the hard work for you. By integrating your apps, you will be able to simplify and automate all of your business processes. This will save you and your business an enormous amount of time and money.

If your apps are not connected, you will find that you often have to update data from one app to another manually. For instance, if you run your business online, every time a client makes a purchase you may find yourself having to record that data on the Salesforce platform. However, if you integrate your apps, all the necessary details will be registered instantly. Not only will this update save you time, but it can also prevent you or your staff from making errors. It is a lot safer to rely on technology than the potential for human error that is involved in manual entries. Connecting your technology is a clear example of how beneficial it can be to keep your business unified.


When training your staff, it is important that they understand what kind of company they are working for and what is expected of them. It is also important that they are aware of what they can expect from you. In order to have a positive and unified workforce, you need to make it clear that you value them immensely. Try to establish yourself as a business that is keen to help its employees grow. A company that is invested in developing the skill set and potential of their workers will attract the best candidates. It will be difficult to find suitable staff if people don’t believe they will find all of the best opportunities at your business.

Taking the time to engage with your staff could also help you to make money. If you set high expectations for customer service, you will find that customers will keep coming back. However, if you let standards slip, you might find that you fail to secure repeat custom. A united workforce will also help you to save time and avoid costly mistakes. If you have a big project coming up, make sure that all of your employees understand what is involved. Set annual targets, and encourage your staff to think of smaller goals for their day.

Introducing reward schemes will also help to get everybody on board. Make sure that these reward schemes have a clear structure. If you reward specific behaviour or achievements, this will help to reinforce your expectations. Organize regular meetings for all of your team so that you can check in on their progress. You might even want to schedule one on one catch ups so that you don’t miss anything. If an employee is acting against company guidelines, be sure to deal with this problem as soon as possible. You don’t want anything to undermine the brand of your business and the direction it is moving in.

By Eddy

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