Tips For Making a Smoother Running Conference Call

If there is anything most business people dread, it is the abhorrent conference call. Many of us already have a list a mile long of things to get done on the job on a daily basis. This doesn’t even include our home lives. Being prepared for a conference call takes extra time and effort that is hard to come by in this hurried world. So, when the call actually comes, it makes sense that we would want to make the best of the situation and make sure the dreaded conference call is a profitable success. Here are a few things to think about the next time your office gets together for work. 


Video or Audio?

Lots of writers spend time on how to be prepared for a conference call, forgetting that the actual conference itself is what produces the yield a company may see in the near or distant future. So, let’s concentrate on making the gathering easy and as memorable as possible. One way we can do that is to get everyone to agree on whether you should have a video or audio conference call. Each have their pros and cons. Video tends to leave less room for trickery and secrets, but audio can tend to be more reliable in terms of connection.


Dine In or After?

A long time ago in many countries far away, most meetings of heads of states were accomplished through a meal. It broke the ice and made complicated subjects easier to navigate. Many conference calls are short enough where eating may be rude and can definitely be done before or after the call, but what about those meetings that are going to take a while? It might be nice to cater a lunch for all parties involved. This can be taxing and might cost you a little extra, but the comradery that comes with sharing a meal together can make future discussions flow easier and keep disagreements amiable.


Record or Take Notes?

In school, as students, we had to make the same decision. This really comes down to how well you know yourself. There may already be a syllabus that you can just add notes to and be able to refer back to without any trouble, but some people can’t remember what they had for dinner last night, much less how their company plans on turning turnips into jet fuel, for example. Take a cue from yourself on this one. Do whichever you feel will benefit you most, but make sure that whichever you choose, you have a way to save and catalog your notes so that they can be referred back to at a later date.

Whatever you decide is better for you, make sure that your are true to yourself, your company, and those you are working with outside of your business. This will allow you the ultimate experience thus making your profit margin larger in the long run.



Author: Eddy

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