In today’s business world, it can be observed that there are more men atop the corporate ladder than women, yet it’s definitely wrong to assume that this makes men the superior sex in the industry. In fact, there are multiple studies that show how women outperform men in entrepreneurship, being more driven and initiative to achieve better results.

While this is not the battle of the sexes as to who makes a better boss, women should not be less celebrated for their wits and abilities that could totally be at par with men’s! There are plenty of ways women can be more effective bosses than their male counterparts.

Women are great communicators.

Being the boss requires one to be effective at managing employees and clients. Generally, women are known to be better listeners than men, which make them more oriented to discussions just as men are with taking action right away.

Being better communicators than males, girl bosses are able to hear out the qualms of their employees and customers and empathize more on certain situations. In case of suspected substance abuse in the workplace, women will be more eager to listen to the employee’s side, preferring to have a marijuana urine test performed than jumping to conclusions. Establishing a relationship based on good communication is simply key to establishing loyalty in business.

Female leaders encourage teamwork.

Because of their good communication skills, women are easily able to show support to her team, and are better at working in it. Not only are they able to work in harmony with other team members, female bosses are also better at encouraging a positive team environment as they tend to build strong relationships with their employees. These strong relationships often benefit a problematic employee that could be a marijuana user, as women bosses may be able to provide marijuana test strips to address the situation.

In a company, a traditional, militarized business environment simply cannot work alone. It needs to have satisfied workers that work cohesively to reach a unified goal. An organization simply cannot succeed with misunderstanding in the workforce, who makes women leaders, an important asset.

Female bosses manifest stronger business ethics.

According to a study by Bart and McQueen from McMaster University, women managers are more likely to respect the rights of others as fairly as possible then males. This is an important quality when running a small business, as a business owner constantly faces ethical choices in every corner in the industry. It is best for business leaders to possess a strong moral code to overcome such challenges in the most ethical fashion possible when push comes to shove.

With the right perspective, anyone can be a great boss and leader—no matter what sex one may be. Men and women are wired differently, which makes their differences understandable. However, for both men and women leaders who run a business, the most important thing to remember is to turn passion into loyalty. According to Sarah Robinson’s Fierce Loyalty, developing loyalty within the business could be the best marketing strategy there is.

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