Doing business online might be fun and also very profitable, especially if you have a full-time job or currently studying. Just think about it – after you finish your studies, you can even start a company of your own. Here you’ll find 15 ideas on what kind of businesses you could start

Graphic Design

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Graphic design is a very wide yet very desirable sphere. It’s desirable in both ways. Firstly, people want to work in this sphere because it pays well and the demand for work is enormous. And secondly, many companies and even projects need a graphic designer – to create a logo, a website design, banners, to design Facebook posts, and so much more.

Event Planning

You can easily do event planning online. No matter what niche you choose to work with. It could be weddings, hen parties, birthday parties, company events, and even all of it together. Surely you’ll need a website with a wordpress event registration plugin from for a business like this so that people could register easily. And here you’ll find some useful tips on how to create a website in an easy way. 

App Development

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If you already have some experience with coding, you might also consider the idea of developing apps. You could begin a startup and develop some ideas of your own or you could provide a service for creating apps. You’d be surprised how tight the demand for app creations is nowadays.

Creatine An Online Course Of Your Own

Having specific skills might really come in handy for you. Have you ever thought about creating a course of your own? It could be about anything, depending on the skills you have – Photoshop course for beginners, a photography course, a language course, and so much more.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is the perfect side business plan for those of you who are students or have a full-time job and can’t afford to spend the entire day on this side business. As a virtual assistant, you could do anything depending on the field.

Facebook Expert

As a Facebook expert, you could create strategies for other companies and projects. With more and more businesses deciding to have a Facebook page and taking it seriously, you should have enough work to even start an agency after a while.

Instagram Content Manager

Instagram is growing extremely fast, especially with all the influencer marketing that is very trending nowadays. Therefore you can become an Instagram content creator and manager – there is a high demand for such specialists.

Becoming An Influencer

With the influencer marketing at it’s peeking moment, you can take advantage of this trending business and become an influencer yourself. Surely you won’t become successful overnight but if you put enough work into it, you’ll succeed eventually.


You could have a blog of your own, especially if there are specific themes that you are interested in, like technology, design or cooking. To make money from your blog, the only thing you’ll have to do is monetize it by writing reviews and promoting content. Here you can find great tips on how to start your blog today.

Vlogging On Youtube

Vlogging could bring you some additional income in a very similar way like blogging can. You can choose any theme you like – it could be your lifestyle or reviews of products or services. You can earn some extra money by reviewing something that companies offer you and promoting their products.

Write An e-Book

Do you have a great idea for a book, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of searching for a publishing house and all the rejection? You can now write as many books as you want and self-publish on Amazon. How great is that? 

SEO Consulting

SEO is something some businesses decide to do on their own. Which might be a huge mistake, especially if the business doesn’t have an experienced SEO specialist of their own.

Freelance Writing

As a freelance writer, you could write articles for specific websites, news portals or work with various blogs that choose similar themes to yours.

Travel Consulting

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Traveling is something most people love to do. So why not help them out with the trip planning? No matter if it’s a honeymoon, a trip with friends or just a holiday – you could be the one who plans the entire travel for people.

Create A T-shirt Store

Have you heard about the print on demand business type? It’s perfect when you can’t afford to invest a big sum of money into a new business. One of the most popular ways to do it is to design t-shirts which you can do on – it’s a special platform for POD businesses.

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