The way we hold ourselves up has been an issue for centuries. Any school-aged child is familiar with the images of how man evolved to the tall standing humans we are today. It’s amazing to consider that there were no chiropractors back then. There were no spinal surgeons either. If you broke your back or injured your spine, you were just out of luck. Can you imagine the back troubles?! Since then, mothers everywhere have made it a point to tell their children on a regular basis to sit up straight. Below are a few ways that piece of maternal advice may help you out in the office. 

Sit Up Straight

In the past, sitting up straight was a sign of good raising and wealth. If you made it a point to sit up straight, the world knew you were from good stock and that you wanted to present a pristine reputation. Now, the ultimate seating comes in the form of lazy boy recliners and gaming chairs. These were made for comfort.

Cushioned and curved, they cuddle your back so you don’t have to worry about paying attention to your posture while you are sleeping, binge-watching your favorite show or playing the newest shooter for 13 hours straight. With that said, keeping good posture in the office is going to do a few great things for you. First, you’re going to enjoy great back health. With all the back problems in the world, this is a blessing.

Great back health will help you have more stress-free days and less sick days at work. These, together, equal a bigger paycheck. Second, sitting up straight will allow everyone from co-workers to clients know you mean business. Great posture screams, “I care about my job and customer satisfaction.”


Watch Where You Put Your Hands

When you consider your back posture, you have to take into account everything that is attached to your back, as well. Where you place your hands and elbows can have a huge impact on how your upper back feels at the end of the day.

Make sure to rest your hands and elbows on the arm of the chair you are sitting in or on the table or desk in front of you. If you spend the day typing, keep your hands above the keyboard and your wrists in a relaxed pose.

These tips will help you to relax your shoulders and neck. Less pain in your upper back means more of a chance that you can focus better on paperwork, deadlines, and clients. All of this means better quarterly numbers all the way around.


Take a Break

 Have you ever pulled an all-nighter in a desk chair in front of your computer? It’s grueling, but necessary sometimes. In the process, most people will instinctually get up and stretch every now and then. This is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and your back.

Make sure to take a break every so often. Stretching will help your back to readjust and work out knots in the process of becoming later pains. This will help you to give your best to whatever you are working on even if you have to pull an all-nighter to get it done.

Most don’t consider it, but the health of your back can greatly affect the health of your business. Use the tips above to get “back” to work in a profitable way.



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