If you are new in the stock exchange market and wondering aimlessly to get in touch with the best service of brokerage, then Angel Broking is the name that is sure to guide you in the right path. Opening a bank account might seem to be a difficult task, but with Angel Broking, it would become easy to go through the procedures easily. Rather, it would help you to grasp a better idea about the dealings that take place in the stock market. Read on more about a detailed discussion of Angel broking Demat account and the host of benefits that it brings.

What are the perks of opening a trading account with Angel Broking?

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  • You can easily open an account and get to available some flexible plans offers by Angel Broking. They are Angel elite, Angel premier, Angel classic, and Angel preferred.
  • You can also get leverage of up to 40% to be it on mutual funds, on equity, or on insurance.
  • You can invest easily and except for better earnings from the same.
  • By opening Angel Broking Demat Account, you would be able to have access to one of the award-winning applications in the field of stock exchange.
  • You would be able to access your account in the fastest way possible. Just after opening the account, you can start trading in just one hour without the problems of approval of the application.
  • It is highly secured trading platform, and it would offer you speedy financial transactions making it beneficial for you.

Objective of a Demat account

  • Lower costs involved – All your physical securities have higher transaction costs as they include extra expenses such as handling charges, stamp duty, and others. Often, it might happen that the extra costs cannot be estimated before the transaction has been completed. When opting for Angel Broking Demat account eliminates these extra costs completely. Furthermore, the exact transaction cost can be well estimated beforehand.
  • Lower risks – While accessing or transacting the physical copies, certain risks are involved, and they are physical damages, torn cases, lost or misplacement. Apart from this, there are other problems as well as bad deliveries, fake securities, or incomplete paperwork. But by opening an Angel Broking Demat Account would help you to get rid of all these dangers.
  • Reduced paperwork – In case of a Demat account, investments are secured electronically eliminating the requirement for any physical securities. Even there is no need to maintain any document which is associated with the account. This way the paperwork and transaction time is completely cut off, making the procedure of transaction and maintaining the account convenient and less time consuming one.
  • Instant transactions–As soon as complete opening Angel Broking Demat Account, the securities can be dealt with electronically ensuring faster transactions. As a result of this, the investors receive the credit quickly in the Demat account compared to seeking help from any other brokerage firms. Gone are the days when people have to wait for long for the physical deliveries of the demat account securities. Thus, such delays can be easily eliminated with the help of the top rated service of Angel Broking.

How your investment would be enhanced by opening a demat account with Angel Broking?

By using Angel Broking Demat Account, you would be able to have access to one of the top rated investment engines. It is ARQ which is an excellent offering from this brokerage company. No such services are offered by other brokerage firms available in the market. It is another reason why you should choose Angel Broking. By the help of ARQ, you would be able to get outstanding returns on your investments. A glimpse of the same has been detailed in the following part of the article making it convenient for the users to manage their investments properly.

  • Good returns on investments – When it comes to earning the best returns on your investment, ARQ is the best option. It would guide you to make the best decision that would help you to get the best return on your investments. It would further help you to make the best investments by getting fruitful returns.
  • Personalised service – The best modern Portfolio Theory is used by ARQ, and it would give you personalized recommendations upon which scheme or investment would be best suited for you. Therefore, you would get a perfect asset allocation advice among several classes such as gold, insurance, equity, & debt mutual funds. All these would help you to achieve your financial goals easily and faster without much hassle.
  • Investment with any amount – Another interesting factor is that there is no such fixed amount required to start investing. Here, you can easily get to know about the extent of the power of ARQ that you would get by opening an Angel Broking Demat account as you can start investing with any small amount of money.
  • Recommendations– ARQ has several data points and make plans creating unique models that would help you to get the best returns on your investments. You would further notice that the stocks and mutual funds as recommended would give the best future potential.
  • Ability to balance a portfolio – Investment procedure with ARQ would give the best returns. In addition, you would get regular notifications that would help you to re-balance portfolio. Therefore, ARQ would help you such that you are able to invest in the most profitable areas of the stock market that would give you the best returns.
  • Ability to maintain track records – Excellent back-testing and track records are offered by ARQ, and it outperforms any other service offered by stock exchange firm in the market. So, if you go by the recommendations of ARQ, you would get an excellent chance to get handsome returns on whichever investments you make.

Why will you choose Angel Broking over other brokerages in the market? 

There are several reasons for choosing Angel Broking stock exchange firm over others, and they are detailed in the following part of the article.

  1. Advanced user of technology – Angel Broking has launched an application for the help of the users such that they can access the transactions of the demat account via the application. In addition, the account can also be accessible via other electronic media as well. It makes the procedure much convenient taking much less time compared to others. This all-in-one application of stock market would give you a comprehensive idea and help you to stay updated about the stock market. The latest news and reports about stock market would be at your fingertips.
  2. Top notch service level – The service provided by Angel Broking is considered the best as you can easily contact with experts who would guide you in the right path pertaining to the dealings in the stock exchange market. By analysing your finances, it would let you know about the right investment and would also offer customised service meeting your requirements. 
  3. Excellent market knowledge – When you get in touch with the team of experts from Angel Broking, you would be able to acquire good knowledge about the condition of the stock market. Further, the team would let you know whether it is the right time to make your investments in the stock exchange market. It is important to have knowledge of the market.
  4. Seamless trading facility – Get high quality and secured experience on the digital platform of Angel Broking. Some of the platforms which are regulated by Angel Broking are ‘trade.angelbroking.com,’ ‘Angel BEE,’ ‘Angel SpeedPRO’ and all these are operated by ‘ARQ.’ In this regard, the angel broking application is also helpful to deal with the transactions easily.
  5. Easy to use method of trading – It offers easy usage and trade irrespective of your location. With the help of the mobile application, you would be able to access your demat account and access the transactions.
  6. Effective allocation of asset – Gone are the days when the securities would be maintained physically with the chances of damage or theft. With the help of the services offered by Angel Broking, the certificates and securities would be maintained securely via the electronic medium. It would also eliminate the chances of any theft, damage or like situations.

Along with this, you would help in cases of investment recommendations, portfolio check and others. Thus, it is beneficial in more than one way to choose Angel Broking over other brokerage firms available in the market.

What are the documents required to open the account?

The documents required to open a demat account is similar for most of the brokerage firm.

1. Identity proof

  • PAN card with photograph is mandatory for all except for the ones who are exempted from obtaining PAN card.
  • Unique identity number such as passport, voter ID card, or driving license. 
  • Identity card that has been issued by the state or central government.

2. Income proof

  • Photocopy of income tax return proof that has been submitted to the Income-tax department.
  • Statement of demat account with an eligible Depository participant.
  • Bank account statement with details of the last six months.
  • Proof of assets along with self-declaration notice. 

3. Residential proof

  • Passport, voter ID card, ration card, driving license, flat maintenance bill, or the insurance copy need to be introduced.
  • Bank statement of the past three months.
  • Utility bills such as telephone bill, gas bill, or electricity bill within the past three months.
  • Proof of address that has been issued by any bank officer gazetted officer parliament or notary public.
  • Identity card that has been issued by higher authorities such as central or state government, bank officers, Statutory or Regulatory Authorities and others.

Who are authorized to attest the documents required for opening a demat account?

  • Notary Public, Manager of a Scheduled Commercial/Co-operative Bank or Multinational Foreign Banks and it should include the name, designation, and seal of the person, Gazetted Officer.
  • For the NRIs who are applying for Angel Broking Demat Account, authorized officials of overseas branches which are registered in India, Court Magistrate, Judge,Notary Public, and Indian Embassy or Consulate General in the country in which the person resides.

Frequently asked questions when opening a demat account

Customers are often in a dilemma and come across certain queries before they seek the service of Angel Broking Demat Account. Some of the common ones are illustrated in the following part to help the customers in the right way.

1. Is Angel Broking Demat Account the best one?

It is a reputed name in the stock exchange market offering excellent service pertaining to demat account. This advanced trading platform gives you the opportunity to trade from the convenience of your home via phone or laptop. Moreover, you would also receive notifications via message or email service. Angel Broking would provide the updates such that you are able to maintain your portfolio effectively.

2. How can the password be retrieved?

Without worrying you can set a new password by following some easy steps. You have to go through forgot password option that is available in the login form. Following this, you would be directed to a page that would ask for your uses code and mobile number, and from here you can easily reset the password and set the new one.  Other than this, you can also call in toll-free number of Angel Broking – 18602002006 or 18605005006. If you are unable to go through these steps and retrieve the password, you can drop an email in the official website and the expert team would help you to reset your password easily.

3. Is it mandatory to have an email account while opening a demat account?

Yes, an email address is needed when opening a demat account as it would be synced with your demat account. By this, you would be able to get an email of the details of the transactions. In addition, email alerts would also be sent. This would make it convenient for you to stay updated about the functioning of the account.

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