As the temperatures continue to rise into the summer months, it’s more important than ever for your business to have everything dialed in where refrigeration is concerned. Having the right equipment in the right place will save you both time and money, provided you undertake regular routine maintenance.

Maybe you’re not sure whether you need to understand refrigeration compressors, or maybe you already know all there is to learn about the large industrial compressor in your catering facility. In either case, today our team has put together this quick list of ten seasonal reminders for your business in the sweltering summer season.

Always Plan Ahead

The first tip is the most obvious one: plan ahead for a successful season. This means scheduling your regular maintenance checks with ample time to get any additional work completed before your business is slammed with patrons on the hottest day of the year.

Position Units Wisely

This tip is important to consider before your firm ever opens to the public – refrigeration compressors and portable units shouldn’t be located near windows, exterior walls, or doors for optimal efficiency. This is because those areas are prone to drafts, sun exposure, and other fluctuations that impede temperature regulation. Instead, aim to place them where they’ve got a chance to be more efficient and you’ll face lower maintenance and repair bills in the future.

Consider Charging Your Units

Not all refrigeration units require recharging, but some inevitably do. Others may require a refrigerant top up due to repair or replacement of parts identified during routine maintenance. In any case, ask your technician whether it’s necessary or recommended to add refrigerant. Again, this is best done before your systems are running flat out trying to keep your inventory chilled and your customers comfortable.

Keep Cool Things Clean

Take the seasonal maintenance check as an opportunity to clean house in and around your refrigeration units. Whether you’ve got walk-in coolers or a massive HVAC system cooling a skyscraper, ensuring all vents, seals, and ducting are clear of debris, as well as getting rid of inventory that’s past date or otherwise unnecessary, will improve efficiency, thus decreasing the workload on your compressors.

Monitor Compressor Performance

Installing monitors to track changes and alert you in the event of temperature spikes isn’t particularly new to the industry – but today’s tech allows you to install a whole suite of monitoring software that keeps you informed of potential issues with the refrigeration compressor itself. This means you receive information about components that may be overheating or otherwise failing before your inventory is at risk.

The biggest tip of all is that you undertake regular, scheduled maintenance of your refrigeration units in order to avoid problems during peak usage times. Some chaos is inevitable when the year’s big heat wave is upon you, but by starting with basic refrigeration compressor maintenance, you’ve got a fighting chance to come out smiling. By aiming to follow these five steps, your industrial compressor will be in good shape to keep things cool whatever the weather throws your way.


By Eddy

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