FBA is generally used as an abbreviation for Fulfilment by amazon. FBA is a service offered by Amazon Company which provides people with their best in world class resources, various delivery options like one day delivery, two day delivery etc. to sellers, and the best technical knowhow customer service so sellers can increase their sales and business online rapidly. All sellers can avail this incredible service just by simply enrolling for the amazon FBA service.

After enrolling they have to list their products and inventories on the amazon website, and then send those products to the nearest amazon fulfilment centre after getting FBA prep by leelinesourcing. In an internal survey conducted by Amazon, it was found out that 87% of the people who used amazon FBA services and tools had 15% increase in sales without changing anything else in a short span of 8 months.

Although the entire service is phenomenal but this increase in sales can be majorly attributed to one day and two day delivery options because it allowed people to rapidly get their product they was shopping for. No individual on their own can provide a long network service which could deliver within a day periods of time but Amazon through its most advanced fulfilment and logistics network in the world is able to do this for seller. Also a major part of amazon services revenues like amazon prime revenues have been utilized for making this network stronger and more efficient each day. But before sellers can ship their product they have to go through a process called FBA prep.

FBA prep is the complete process chain list of packaging and labelling the products that are finally sold and delivered to the customers in the packaged form. In case of imported goods, FBA prep consists of an additional step which is getting inspected for suspicious materials and government policy violations. There are lot of things to be done before the product can be sent by Amazon. A seller can get his FBA prep done in three ways. The first way is that the individual does all of this by himself.

The second way is that the individual can pay the amazon company itself to do it. And third and the most convenient and cheapest way is to get FBA prep done by another third party company like leelinesourcing. FBA prep does not mean that one can simple throw the product in the cardboard box and wrap some tape around it and get it over with, instead it’s a very technical and specific method of packaging and wrapping which includes a big list of specialized steps and intricate rules to be followed.

Getting FBA prep done properly is really imperative to any seller because if the seller gets FBA prep wrong, amazon would not ship the item to the customer and on top of it will charge a fees to return the product back to the seller itself for repackaging again. But if somehow a defective stock still goes clear of amazon services and reaches the customer, then the product will get returned but on top of it, the seller account will get a bad star rating on their success delivery rate.

Not only it accounts for the loss of sales but if this happens a lot, amazon cancels the account of the seller thus shattering their chances of ever selling their products on amazon or its subsidiary websites. So by outsourcing the FBA prep to other Chinese companies like leelinesourcing one can reduce the risks of a defective product or improper FBA prep because in these third party companies all the packaging is done by top class experts who have had major experience packaging for amazon from a long time.

By Eddy

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