As a business owner or newly established company, it is essential to keep accurate records of your business expenses. Of course, one of the main reasons why you must adhere to this is that law requires it, but there are also others reasons that can help your organization if you keep up-to-date information. For general purposes, record keeping assists in reporting specific information to the government about how you run your business. Areas such as how much profit you make, how many staff you employ and where you operate from are essential elements in reporting your business information. Although it might feel like an endless administrative task, effective record keeping can help your business in a number of ways.


Take a look at some of the areas that good record keeping helps businesses.


Tracking and monitoring

One of the things accurate records do best is to report on how well the company is performing. Keeping track of this makes evaluating and reporting on business activity easier and gives you the tools to make informed choices and decision based on the facts. This data can also highlight successes and failures in particular departments of the business and push forward change in areas that need development. There are a variety of handy apps which can help you monitor and organize your business records.


Manage cash flow

Keeping accurate records of how much cash you have coming in and out of the business will help you see what position you are in on a regular basis. This insight helps to plan for leaner periods and see where you could save money in areas of the business. This cash flow report can also help to predict trends and forecast for future events and projects. Without producing these records, your business will be blind to how cash affects everyday operations and making decisions will be harder and riskier than if you are fully prepared.


Shows your performance

Reporting on your company performance is important for several aspects of the business including creditworthiness to suppliers and lenders. It is also important when filing accounts and a tax return online that you have all the necessary information at your disposal. Highlighting performance figures is also handy for displaying areas that need improvement and where potential investment might be required to push the business further.


Protect the business

If your business comes under scrutiny in regards to compliance or legal issues, then having the necessary backup is required to provide evidence if the law requires it. Having records organized and accessible will also make it easier to find if it dates back several years. This record keeping may help to minimize or stop action against your company and also reduce costs in any claims.

Keeping on top of your business administration is a legal requirement but also has tons of benefits for your business in the long term. Being prepared and compliant is a must for any new or established company, and it’s best to get into good habits from the outset to avoid any complications further down the line.  

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.