If you’re someone with a business or a store- big or small- you know the importance of a good POS system. It can mean a world of a difference between a business that grows and one that leaves customers feeling dissatisfied and unhappy.

Of course, POS softwares have come a long way. From the days of maintaining manual registers and hand recording every transaction, we’ve now come all the way to storage management, pantry arrangements, consolidating sales, and observing and recording consumer trends, all using one device.

In the world of POS software, it’s impossible to have not heard about Shopify. The company has made a name for itself and positioned itself strongly as a one-stop solution for everyone – regardless of the POS solutions or softwares they’re in need of. Whether you’re a small business starting out, or a big one looking to expand- Shopify has your needs covered. Of course, it helps to know what you’re getting into, so here’s a small overview of all the features of the POS software offered by Shopify.

Making a POS System: Different Components

What makes for a good, all-inclusive, perfect, performance centered, and fully functional POS system? Well, Shopify seems to have all the answers. There are a lot of components incorporated in POS software they provide- with slightly different customizations that allow the software to seamlessly blend with whatever business or industry it’s being put to work with.

Here are a few features offered by the Shopify POS software:


Of course, what makes a POS software is it’s payment system. It’s central to the unit. The Shopify system allows payments by credit cards, all through your own credit/debit terminal. This external card terminal allows a lot of freedom to you. You can also allow custom payment options to customers- cheques and IOUs. This extends to flexibility in how much of a payment you accept as well. The Shopify POS software has an option to record store credit as well!

Another feature is splitting the tenders and allowing for more than two payment methods in one transaction. Finally, Shopify also enables gift cards to be spent online or at the store itself. They’re available both in soft copy and hard copy.


Having a well-rounded checkout system is key. Shopify’s checkout system allows for a bunch of features- one of the most important ones is the Automatic tax feature. It adds the taxes required depending on the location of your store or place of delivery. At the point of checkout online, the system allows you to save an address for later shipping. And of course, the payment methods are just as flexible. You can take a smart device to your customers, and allow payments too.

Finally, the receipt is key. Customize your receipt however you like- both e-receipts and hard copies.

Shopify Checkout System


Tracking discounts is more important than everything else! Get your ultimate discount report anytime. You can set up any promotions and sale codes and make them live anytime- effective immediately for in-person use. You can also pick discounts based on the many classifications the POS system provides.

Store Management

This is perhaps the most important and efficient use of modern POS systems. Store management has been brought fully online. Shopify allows for refunds involving store credits, and keeps a comprehensive order history. Daily totals are also a good feature. In the retail package, you also get a staff PIN feature– allowing all transactions to happen through the pin. Finally, forget your hassle of bookkeeping and accounting using the accounting integration features.

Customer Management

Managing your customers, their wants and needs, and making sure you give each customer customized and world class treatment is key. Of course, customer service and management is more important than anything else. With Shopify, you can easily have customer profiles ready and updated each time they place any order. You can also get involved with e-marketing and email newsletters.

Versatility in purchase

Product Organization

Everything from organizing products by sale, type, seasonal, and what not- to actual inventory storage management- Shopify gives you little to complain about. You can also arrange by all of your variations- sizes, colours, and what not. Each variation can have customized prices as well.


Shopify POS is available on app- and can be supported by various hardwares. Your iOS or Android phone can run the app, and it can also be connected to the barcode scanner and receipt printer. But you can also add your hardware at the checkout point- card readers and barcode scanners- all making the POS easier, faster, and more efficient. Wifi cameras throughout the store to increase security are also compatible.


Nothing about the Shopify POS experience is better than the analytics it offers. Your dashboard is a gateway to all kinds of information- just one click away- sales, traffic, orders, etc. Here you can also see the product report and retail reports and analysis- allowing for easier comparison.

The same features and perhaps more so, the ease of use is extended to the mobile app for Shopify. The best of this, perhaps, is that you can manage your own inventory and contact customers through e-mail and phone –  all without having to carry your laptop everywhere!

Shopify Support   

There is of course 24/7 support provided by Shopify- be it calls, live chat, or email. But you can also connect with an experts through Shopify who will help you manage and set up your POS. Besides this, the help centre and discussion forums are always open for you to turn to, in case you have any query or complaint.

Pricing Standpoint

Although you have 4 major Shopify plans and packages to choose from- there are some features you get in all the plans- first off, of course an ecommerce platform- that’s what this is all about. And a fully functional one at that. You also get special features for your staff- a staff app and even staff PINs. Unlimited registers and register shifts are all part of the deal. Your customers also get flexible shopping options, and finally- the discounted shipping you get on Shopify can be extended to your customers as well.

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.