Cloud hosting is becoming very popular since the last couple of years. This increase in their popularity is due to the benefits these hosting companies provide that cannot possibly be matched by any traditional web hosting service. Now to facilitate your decision to move to cloud hosting here are some reasons that cloud hosting is way better than traditional hosting.

Cloud hosting provides better control

As your business or website expands traditional hosting becomes impractical. Setting up servers for your site can be a tedious and expensive task and it will also require extra employees to maintain.  By switching to cloud hosting you can save yourself from all the hassle it takes to control the system in traditional hosting. Also, cloud hosting services allow you to change the specifications of your server at any time, which further improves your control over your system

Cloud hosting increases stability and security

Servers are bound to go down if they are not maintained properly. In traditional, it requires a lot of effort to protect your servers and still you can’t guarantee that the servers won’t fail. Cloud hosting providers have whole departments and they spend a lot of resources in keeping their servers up. These cloud hosting companies also have advanced and high functioning security systems that can keep your data safer than traditional hosting.

Cloud hosting increases the reliability of your system

Now since the cloud hosting companies have very good security and they devote a significant amount of resources to server maintenance they also increase the reliability of your website or system if you use their services. Some companies like can provide more than 98% of uptime. Using cloud hosting can effectively increase the reliability of your system

Cloud hosting provides easier updating and maintenance

Lots of cloud-hosting services provide automatic updates and maintenance, which means that you don’t have to worry about these tasks and you don’t have to spend valuable company resources on employees to manage your servers.

Cloud hosting increases the flexibility of your work environment

By using cloud hosting your data resources will no longer be limited to the office. You can access your data and files from anywhere at any time. This increases the flexibility and mobility of your work environment. Cloud-based services are great for companies with increasing or changing bandwidth requirements. If your requirements increase it is easy and simple to scale up your cloud capacity and bandwidth. Similarly, if you require scaling down again you can do so without any problem. Thus cloud hosting provides you a lot of flexibility that is just not possible with traditional hosting.

Cloud hosting provides improved backup and recovery

Most cloud hosting services provide options for automated backup which can be really helpful. Taking backups of your data is very important but it is a very demanding task especially if your company generates large amounts of data on a regular can also require extra employees. Using Cloud hosting can save you all this hassle. Also, these hosting companies provide you with recovery mechanisms in case of failures. They can recover your data easily with reliability in a very short time.

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