Starting a small business is a significant risk that many entrepreneurs take. While some enjoy the small-scale success of their small business, you do not have to limit your business just to avoid taking further risks. If you are looking to expand your small business here are some tips that might help you out.

Know When to Expand

You need to spend a lot of money just to maintain your small business. After spending money on supplies ranging from machinery to brown envelopes for office, you need to have significant profit margins. At the same time, you need to have the backing of investors supporting the expansion. Do not take a call to expand your business after a good sales spurt. Take a well-calculated decision to expand.

Have a Strong Expansion Plan

When you come up with a business plan, you might have prepared an expansion plan. Do not blindly stick to the old expansion plans. Revisit the plans and alter them to suit the market needs and realities.

Increase Product/Service Options

Once you have decided to expand your business, you need to increase your product and service options. You will also need to increase office inventory, like brown envelopes for office, to support the expansion of products and services. But you cannot simply start providing more products and services at random.

Explore the Market

To know what products and services you can expand you need to explore the market. If you have a niche business, then you need to find markets related to your niche. For example, a business selling brown envelopes for offices will not suddenly start selling gardening tools, they will choose to sell office supplies.

Target Larger Customer Markets

When you are narrowing in on markets to expand to, target the markets that have a large customer base. By expanding into a market with a large customer pool, you are guaranteed sales. No matter how many competitors are there, you will still be able to secure sales.

Treat Your Existing Customers Well

With more and more customers getting on board your expanding business, you cannot neglect your old customers. By discontinuing products or services that your original customers demanded, you stand to lose customers. You can even have loyalty offers to show your old customers that they matter to your business. Adopt methods of retaining customers to increase sales.

Branch Out

A business cannot grow in a limited space. Even if your business is an online one, you will need to expand your office space. If you own retail shops, then you might think of opening more shops around town.

Hire More Employees

Running a small business with a small crew is possible but when you expand you need to increase your team. You might have to hire more people to take up the extra work. Do through checks to ensure that the candidates are suited for your expansion plans.

Form Partnerships When Needed

Grand expansion plans might be too big for a business to achieve on their own. Find other businesses related to your niche that may be willing to form partnerships with you.

Become a Franchise

If you want your business’ name to be highlighted across town, you can become a franchise. Adopt the franchise model to expand your business.

Expand your business with a well thought out expansion plan only when your business is ready for the expansion.

By Chakraborty

Dr Chakrabarty is the Chief Innovation Officer of IntuiComp TeraScience. Earlier she was Assistant Professor of Delhi University, a QS ranked university in India. Before that she has held research positions in IIT Mumbai, IIT Chennai and IISc Bangalore. She holds 2 patents and over 20 research publications in her name which are highly cited. Her area of research is in smart technologies, integrated devices and communications. She also has a penchant for blogging and is an editor of Business Fundas.