Ptfe products are considered to be a boon to our industry. There are several areas where ptfe products are used for practical reasons. The manufacturing and industrial sectors have seen numerous uses of these products. This material can be used to make rods, sheets, and tubes. Ptfe is also known as Teflon and extensively used in industries such as:

  • Biotech
  • Automobile
  • Chemical processing
  • Marine
  • Printing
  • Power
  • Electrical steel
  • And many more

The ptfe products can be manufactured in numerous colors. The ptfe tube are ideal for multiple purposes or dedicated purposes depending upon the specific need. Here are some of the ptfe products that you will find in the market.

Ptfe colored tube

Ptfe tube manufacturer India rely more on technology and advancement in industry is their prime focus. As a result, you will find numerous ptfe colored tube in the market dedicated for specific purposes. These tubes are cost efficient and so work out to be a great option for the manufacturing industries.

Ptfe antistatic tube

There are several uses to this ptfe tube. This is resistant to high and low temperatures. So the benefit is that it does not only withstand high temperature but also the low temperature. These are also efficient to resist set voltage. This also has a very low co-efficient of friction and so works out to be a great addition in the industrial setup. One of the most important quality is that it has anti-static properties and so there are no electric charge built up.

Abrasion resistant tube

This material is extensively used in manufacturing the tubes and is on the rise across industries when it comes to manufacturing several products. Some of the top qualities in this ptfe tube is resistant to breakage, withstanding extreme temperatures, and also the resistance to chemical makes it a preferred choice for production. This tube is non reactive in nature and this is true even if it comes in contact with highly reactive or corrosive chemicals.

The ptfe braided hose

This type of ptfe hose has become widely popular across several industries. These were initially used in pneumatic and hydraulic sectors but now many more are using it. The commercial usage is on the rise because of numerous advantages in the industry. This is widely used in medical, commercial and consumer market.

Ptfe conductive hose

This is a hose that possesses anti static properties and come in different thickness. It also has a protective braiding on it designed to serve several purposes. The ptfe hose prevents against static built up and so has become a favorite choice for several industries.

Ptfe manufacturers in India

There are several ptfe manufacturers India because of the increasing demand of these products. Most of them provide good products and deals to the clients from across the globe. How do you choose something best suited for your industrial needs? Get in touch with AF Tubes, one of the most reputed companies when it comes to ptfe hose manufacturer. The plant is located in the outskirts of Mumbai and exceptional quality and consistent product improvement can be expected from this ISO 9001:2005 certified company.

If you are looking for a good ptfe hose or ptfe tube, then get in touch with this reputed company to get products that suit your requirements to the best. There is a wide range of materials and products available to choose from, and once you get in touch with them you can be sure of getting the most efficient service. Choosing the right product from the right ptfe manufacturer will go a long way in providing you efficient services.

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