As an entrepreneur, you’re probably ready to take on the world, but it isn’t always easy to get everything done.  Time is a precious resource, and managing your time will make a heavy impact on the longevity of your career/business. 

Running your business like you’re running a marathon won’t last forever.  Eventually, you’ll burn out, and the quality of your work will suffer.  The key is top-notch time management. 

Take a moment to read through a few effective time management tips for on-the-go entrepreneurs, and consider how you might better manage your minutes in the future. 

Always have a plan for the day

We are all aware that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but there are ways to create your own master plan.  Draw up a detailed schedule for every moment of your time each week, and follow the plan as closely as is possible. 

Managing your time doesn’t come without a valiant effort.  Software applications like Google Calendar are great for entrepreneurs, and there are other mobile time tracking applications that will aid in your management efforts.

Live by the list and list it all

It is important to maintain a daily to-do list which compliments your time scheduling plans.  Your to-do list is a key element of your organization’s successful productivity, and the benefits are worth the time it takes to create a well-rounded list. 

When you have a strict to-do list to follow, you can more easily avoid being sidetracked by less relevant tasks from achieving your end goal.  Cross off items as you go to trigger a small reward center in your brain.  You will feel more productive and confident in your position when the list is complete at the end of each day.

Set aside time for blinders

Blinders are often thought of as a weakness in management, but sometimes they are necessary to push forward in your work.  Thoroughbred racers use blinders to block out the distraction of fellow runners. 

Structure your most productive time during the day for your distraction-free push.  Set your calls to go straight to voicemail.  Place a “do not disturb” sign on your office entryway, and keep your eye on the goal.

Always invest in rest

You can work for hours and get a little done while you’re tired, or you can get a good night’s sleep and be at the peak of your production.  Go to bed at night.  Get the proper amount of sleep on a regular sleep schedule to set yourself up for success. 

Learn the importance of boundaries

If you’re not great at setting boundaries, you need to learn.  Setting boundaries is one of the most powerful tools for success in business.  You have to know how and when to say no to business deals and even family. 

By Eddy

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