Precision is vital to survive in these competitive times. Agile is a word that is often used when it comes to the success of a particular industry. So where does tool and die maker fit in? Well, these are numerous areas that are taken care of in tool and die making behind the scenes. It is good to consider certain important aspects about how tool and dies are manufactured in order to make a right decision when hiring them for a particular project or re-thinking the current re-designing strategies. Here is how skill and technology comes in handy for tool and dies maker.

A look at the press die

A press die is another form of tooling that has become popular in the recent past. Well, it is the introduction of power press that has given rise to this form of tool being used widely in the industry. The function of a press die is to cut and then form a sheet metal that is predetermined into specific shapes and configurations. It is the tool and die shops that have taken over the task of making these tools and delivering the custom requirements for tool and die from metal stamping companies.

Why skill is required?

One of the first things that tool and die makers get is the blueprint of a tool design and other specific details pertaining to the project. Once the design is received, the creative minds then have to start thinking about the best ways to construct the tool. There are several aspects that the team considers such as the material being used, the project timeline, stamping parts, ease of stamping, and so on. Skill is required to first come up with a concept.

Skill in designing

Once the concept is clear with the team, then it is time to design the tool and this is where designing skills come into play. The tool and die maker cannot make even a small mistake because there are thousands and at times millions of parts that are at stake. So the designing will have to be precise and after carefully considering several aspects of the tool and project. Once the design is finalized only can they move on to the next level of building the tool. The creative minds in this department are also engineers that are good with metal stamping skill and designing skills at the same time.

The best use of technology

When it comes to the technology, we know that this is what has helped us progress in every field so far. Some of the top technologies available for tool and die making are Unigraphics 7.5 NX die wizards, AutoCAD with die makers, and other such latest software that help in bringing ideas to life. If the tool and die maker has to stick to the production ideas then it is the technology that will help to come up with the best of design.

The experience of craftsmanship

A tool and die maker is professionally trained to deliver the best results. However, it is the experience of a professional that makes a great difference from a basic design to an exceptional one. The experienced professionals consider minutest details to ensure that every component stamped matched well with the exact requirement from the client. They carry out several tests and trial runs to ensure that the tool and die constructed are equipped to handle the project well.

A blend of both needed

Just having the skill and not right technology will do no good for tool and die makers. On the other hand, just having the technology and no experience on working it will also not produce good results. So what makes a success? Well, the tool and die manufacturer needs to have a perfect blend of skill set and technologically advanced lab that can help to design the best performing tool. If you want to be successful in this field, it is crucial that you use both of these things in order to design the best of tools and die for metal stamping projects.

Eigen: A right place for tool and die design

Eigen has over 20 years of experience in precision metal stamping. Throughout these years the company has focused on providing the most efficient services to their clients across the globe. When it comes to tool and die making, the company has an in-house tool room that takes care of this aspect. The efficient team working here is professionally trained and experienced at the same time. Once a requirement for a project comes in, the company ensures that inception to delivery of the products is done without any hassles. Company takes responsibility to provide the services that are far surpassing the client’s requirements.

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