The job of a security guard can be a tough one with a lot of different duties involved. Each type of guard may have some differing job duties as well, depending on precisely where they work. A security guard at the mall, for example, would be responsible for different tasks than an armed guard outside a high-end facility. Understanding the job duties and learning to recognize the gear can help people tell security guards apart from others in a similar profession. It can also help those looking to start this profession find the best place of employment.


The apparel guards wear can range in options depending on where they work. They also vary in color. There may be stricter requirements at one location compared to another. All guards must wear security shirts that are buttoned down and look presentable. Short sleeves may be possible on hot days, while long sleeves are the more commonly accepted style.

A pair of cargo pants is often worn, giving the patrol officer plenty of space to hold defense items. Sturdy and weatherproof boots are also necessary, providing the worker with a level of comfort while still being able to handle anything, including running.

Defense Gear

Defense gear is highly necessary for security purposes. Items like pepper spray and batons should be kept on your person at all times in this line of work. Those who have armed positions need to carry their firearms. These weapons of defense will help guards handle their duties and keep themselves safe in the event of a scuffle with a suspect.


Some watchmen undergo specific training and obtain licensing to prove they can handle particular duties. Guards with an SIA license, for example, receive training that vastly improves their standard of security. They are trained for door supervision at clubs or events and have a keen sense of observance to track suspicious behavior.

Job Duties

Security personnel is responsible for securing the premises and keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings. Anything suspicious needs to be looking into and handled promptly before a serious incident has the chance to occur. Some may be kept inside, responsible for monitoring surveillance equipment and inspecting all entry points. Though some security personnel work during the day, such as those stationed at banks, many of these positions are night time-based “watchman” positions, keeping an empty building secure when no others are present to alert authorities of suspicious activities.

The specific job a guard has determines the precise duties, such as someone watching monitors at one location compared to someone standing guard outside an entrance at another. No matter which specific tasks are set for the shift, each patrol officer must keep the building, property, or people inside secure and free from harm. Mobile guards must remain on their feet, walking along the building and monitoring all points of access. Stationary guards stay in one place. Problem prevention and response are the two most common duties involved, though the job may also involve communicating with the public, or at least a higher up.

Required Skill

People well-suited for a job as a security officer are ones who have strong observing skills. They can detect unusual activity quickly and take notice when things seem out of place. Fast decision-making skills are also a must, as well as being physically fit and able to take swift action.

Understanding security guard duties and gear can help people looking to join a protective team be best prepared for the role. Bystanders can also see the difference between guards and others and know they are protected with someone standing guard in the area.

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