A plane crash can be devastating. Lots of lives are lost and even those who survive the event are traumatized for a very long time. During this time, it can be hard to think clearly and make the right steps when dealing with the situation.

Here is a simple guideline on how to prepare safely for flights and where to call when there is a plane crash.  


  1. Dress properly

It is important to be able to stay warm after a plane crash. Additionally, covering yourself properly actually reduces your risk of serious burns or injuries during the impact. As such, wear a long-sleeve t-shirt, long pants, and sturdy lace-up shoes.

  1. Wear appropriate shoes

Certain shoes such as high heels or sandals might seem more comfortable or professional looking, but they make it difficult to move quickly during an emergency.

  1. Sit in the back of the aircraft

Research has shown that passengers in the back of a plane have 40 percent higher survival rates compared to those in the front rows, during a plane crash. Since a quick escape is the best way to ensure your survival, look for seats that are as close to an exit as possible.

  1. Be keen on the pre-flight safety speech and read the safety card

It is important to pay attention during the pre-flight instructions and read the safety card to avoid missing out on crucial information in the event of a plane crash.

  1. Keep a count of the seats between the exit row and your seat

Find out how many seats it will take you to get from your current position to the nearest exit. During a plane crash, it could be loud, smoky, or generally confusing afterward. You may have to depend on your sense of touch when trying to escape, which will be significantly easier if you know where and how far the exit is.  


Surviving the Crash (and Where to Call)  

  1. Protect yourself

The first thing you need to do when there is a plane crash is protect yourself from smoke and fire, which are one of the leading causes of crash fatalities. This smoke is usually thick and highly toxic, but you can avoid breathing it in by covering your mouth and nose with a cloth (preferably moist).

  1. Ditch your belongings

It is natural to want to rescue your stuff during a crisis, but doing this will slow you down and put you at risk of further harm. Right now, your first priority should be to ensure that you get as far away from the wreckage as possible and find some cover.

  1. Wait for Rescue

Once you are safe away from the wreckage, stay put in your position. Avoid the temptation to wander off and find help or look for something close by. In most cases, people will respond to the crash and come to you instead. You want to be around when they arrive.

  1. contactan aviation accident attorney

Commercial airplane crashes often involve multiple defendants, independent investigators, aircraft manufacturers, commercial airline carriers, and of course, the National Transportation Safety Board. It is advisable to contact a lawyer specialized in plane crashes in the event of a crash, who is better suited to handle air crash litigation.  

If you or a loved one survive a plane crash, it is important to try and stay calm during the ordeal. If you are stranded in a remote area, stay near the aircraft as you await rescuers. However, mind the distance between you and the wreckage, as a fire or explosion can occur anytime after a crash.

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